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He who saves one soul it's as if he saved the entire world."

Why don't the educated Jews who know Torah go out to the unknowing Jews and show them the words that were written in the Tanakh. Counter at…

Started by Yoel in Christian Influence in IsraelLatest Reply

Messianic Jews and Aliya

In the last 24 hours two of Israel's major news sources have the following headlines: YNET: Messianic Jews demand Israeli citizenship and T…

Started by Jewish Israel in Religious Freedom in IsraelLatest Reply

Is it permissible to burn missionary bibles?

If the stuff was given to you, then it's yours to trash. So, sure it's permissible to burn missionary materials (but not missionaries!).

Started by ellen in HalachaLatest Reply

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Announcements and Discussion Initiated by Jewish Israel

1 Dec 27, 2010
Reply by Jewish Israel

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9 Nov 18, 2013
Josh Reinstein
by Miriam Harpaz


Rabbinical discourse and rulings

3 Dec 27, 2009
Reply by ellen

Missionary Activity in Israel

What is the line between legitimate and illegitimate Christian conduct in Israel, and how should Jews respond most appropriately?

9 Oct 21, 2009
Reply by Jake Jacobs

Religious Freedom in Israel

Where do democratic liberties begin encroaching on the Jewish character of Israel? Are Christian groups using the law as a shield for missionizing?

1 Jul 15, 2013
Messianic Jews and Aliya
by Jewish Israel

Christian Influence in Israel

Is the influence of Christianity in Israel growing or waning? Are Jews aware of what's going on?

2 Jan 24, 2013
Reply by Jewish Israel

The Judeo-Christian Debate

Evangelicals use the term "Judeo-Christian" in the context of scripture and theology. Mainstream Jews think of it as a term to decribe Western values. Some rabbinic authorities censure the use of the term altogether. What happens when the words "values", "heritage", or "faith" are tagged on to the end of the JC word? How does it change it's meaning? Is it a coincidence that "Judeo-Christian" is but a hairsbreadth away from "Judeo-Christianity". Is there such a thing as a war which pits Judeo-christian culture against Islamo-fascism, or is that just a Fundamentalist Christian invention?

3 Dec 24, 2010
Reply by Moshe Verschleisser


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