I had a Xtian post a link to this video. I've listened to about 25-30 minutes of it and couldn't believe my ears. I viewed this material as nothing less than the attempt to Mock Judaism in every way possible. This was one of the most upsetting videos I've seen and my emotions ran high. We know that the subject matter here resulted in the death of countless Jews in the past. If there are others like this out there can we expect a similar outcome as the past. From what I understand, this man lives in Israel. I am concerned of what affect he may be having in Israel.
The link for the video

In addition, I'm certainly no Rabbi, nor even a scholar, but with the little knowledge I have I certainly can dispute virtually everything this person has to say. His twisting of the facts is astonishing, to say the least. Maybe it would be worthwhile to tear down all his arguments for those who have misunderstandings of what the truth is in Judaism.

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we've recently heard about this guy. Someone who is on the Karaite mailing list sent us an alert on him. Thanks for the heads-up this. Will get back to you on this
This Nehemia Gordon is a known Karaite leader in Israel. I don't know how much clout he as, as I know little about the community.

From what I understand, there is a population of about 30,000 Karaites in Israel mostly in Ashdod, Ramla and Be'ersheva.

I'll have to view the video later, but from first glance it does look like another Judeo-Christian nightmare.

Let's hope Nehemia doesn't have a great following because the math doesn't look good...Let's see an estimated 15,000 - 20,000 messianic Christians + 30,000 Kariate + Joel Bell's plans to bring a million "Bible-Believing Christians" + Christian ephraimite and joe cults + all of those "lost jesus-believeing tribes" from Northern India, and attempts to change the law of return...
What worried me most in the video was how he wanted to identify the Orthodox community. I think we all know how most of the xtian community regards the "Pharisees" and "Scribes". I had known there was a "dislike" regarding these groups but I never imagined such a vitriolic hatred of them. When this man will do everything possible to associate the current Orthodox, and even any Torah Observant person, with the animosity generated in the text then it has to be viewed with the greatest of concern. If this kind of dialogue permeates throughout xtianity then every religious Jew will be susceptible to a backlash from the supposed "friends of Israel".
At the end of video he discounts the idea of xtianity, which on the surface may sound appealing to some Jews, but may also give him more credence among the xtian community. I can just here it now, "See, he's a Jew, an 'observant' Jew, and even he goes against what the Orthodox teach". What was Most disturbing is how he relates a dialogue with his Rabbi. What he quotes as his Rabbi saying sounds preposterous in the least. I just can't imagine Any Rabbi speaking as he relates it. This was another dangerous aspect to his lecture. With the attacking of his Rabbi, it lends more credence to the xtian in their attitudes towards the Rabbis, which also isn't a good thing. The sad part is that someone like him reinforces the negative attitudes towards Judaism and especially the wisdom of the Rabbis, and as a result, these people will never hear of the vastness of that wisdom.
The concern I have is that he apparently went on a speaking tour in the US. I don't know if it was in xtian congregations or not. But if so, I can see his words spreading like a wildfire throughout the communities of churches. From what I gather the "Left Behind" series garnered a tremendous following among evangelicals and if his teachings take root among those people all religious Jews had better beware. It won't be a good day.

Shabbat Shalom
I've heard a bit recently about Karaites spending quality time with messianics; their joint dislike of traditional Jews seems to have formed somewhat of an alliance.

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