Dear Jewish Israel,

I have read Rabbi Stuart Federow's book:Judaism and Christianity: A Contrast. This book was marvelous and it helped me to understand the great differences between Evangelical Christianity and Judaism. Since I have read the book I have made some friends on Facebook who are Christian and are from the Christian Left.

These friends treasure the fact that I am Jewish and are very tolerant. 

In light of the all of the problems that we have with the Evangelicals as proselytizing and this is like an addiction for them. They cannot stop this for anything. We should not encourage them. They have become more adamant and fanatic because they think that Netanyahu will finally make peace. You must realize that Evangelical Christians "Need" us so they can have their Rapture, I have another excellent book on this subject.

Thank You 

Chatimah Tovah Gmar


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Hi Miriam,

We have heard good things about Rabbi Federow's book and have included it in our bookstore.

Shana Tova!

Thanks Miriam

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