Dear Jewish Israel,

We need a website of your caliber to protect not only Israel from the Jews for Jesus and Evangelical Christians.

But your website is important as I have e-mailed comments to various Jewish sites on my Facebook and had to deal with many different pro Christian comments which I myself found intolerant and offensive.

I and others have gotten into arguments on the Americans Against the Tea Party website because the individuals against the Tea Party pointed out that their is no war on Christmas. They just said if people wanted to say Happy Holidays this was fine. Their were others that wrote FU, this is a Christian Country and everyone should say Merry Christmas. 

Individuals have posted pro-Christian remarks on Rabbi Wolpe's posts and Aish. I have never gone to Christian or any other religions websites and wrote things about them. I find this behavior quite intolerant.

Israel is the Jewish State and in light of the past seventy years of anti-Semitism we need a Jewish state.

Thanks Miriam Harpaz

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