Known Messianics, Xian Missionaries, Moving to Israel, CAN THEY BE STOPPED?

If we in the U.S., know of someone who is a convert from Judaism to Christianity, who expresses a wish to move to Israel, is there anything we can do to stop them? Is there anyone we can inform that this person is a Christian and no longer a Jew, and wishes to move to Israel just to help in the efforts of converting Jews, Israelis, to Christianity??

Furthermore, is there any reason to believe that Israel would care to know that they are moving to Israel to become missionaries??

i know i need to come to this discussion forum more often to read any of your suggestions, but any help or advice you can give would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Stuart Federow

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Contacting the Israeli Ministry of the Interior could help as well as the Chief Rabbinate's office on missionary affairs, and the local Rabbinate (if you know which area the party is locating to in Israel). Will post the email and contact info soon.
Rabbi Federow,

I'll email you about this directly, as well; our mutual friend Moshe Shulman was recently in Israel, meeting with JI founders, politicians, etc. He certainly has what to say on the issue.

I think that if Israeli politicians clue in to exactly what is on the fundamentalist Christian agenda, they would do something in the way of preventing missionaries from making full aliyah. Ahavas Yisroel doesn't seem to be on the Israeli political agenda. Perhaps its possible that we can pressure Israeli institutions the same ways the Evangelicals do, albeit, without their financial firepower.

Like demand that UJC throws its weight around Israel or we cease support - a bit extreme, yes, but I'm just offering that up as an example. We can, though, try to force an issue - should being Jewish be enough for aliyah? If we can get the Israeli politcians to think that it's not enough, we can score something.
Right now, the Nefesh B'Nefesh org is handling all Aliyah from N America instead of the Jewish Agency. Any Jewish born christians will most likely do it in an organized way or at least ask NBN to help them or give them advice.
Your first step therefore is to contact this wonderful org and notify them of impending christians who are making Aliyah.
A more elaborate idea is to have the Chief Rabbinate in Israel demand a letter from a Rabbi or Yeshiva school personthat potential Olim know and have him vouch for their Jewishness. I don't know if this is already done, but it certainly is an idea which can't hurt.

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