The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada is active in creating Messianic congregations in Israel, the main one being King of Kings Assembly
The main missionaries are Wayne and Ann Hilsden:
Wayne is the Pastor of King of Kings Assembly in Jerusalem. They recently bought a movie theatre to use as their church: (p 8-9)

Hailey Armoogan is a "cross cultural worker", the children's pastor and short term missions coordinator for their church.

Roy and Mary Kendall are also involved in missionary work in Israel, particularly with training missionaries and are currently collaborating with Messianics on a new music CD

Kimberly Murray is another missionary in Israel. Also note that one of the main goals of the Hilsdens and Murray is to translate materials into Hebrew....I wonder why...?:

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thanks, once, again. Very helpful - will add this to the growing database.

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Also see the mid section of the newsletter: End of the Year 2008 Update
Nice blog articles!

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