Here is a listing of the Seventh Day Adventist churches pretending to be synagogues in Israel, courtesy of the World Jewish Adventist Friendship Center. Some friends they are!

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Actually, list is a little bigger than the above:

The show is basically run by Richard Elofer, the putz at the top of the page:
great! this is helpful. will add it to the data base
Richard Elofer is the leader of the Seventh-Day Adventist movement's attempts to proselytize the Jews. He is the Director of their World Jewish Friendship Center , one of the Adventist's Global Mission Religious Study Centers. The purpose of the Religious Study Centers are to:
"help Adventists understand the beliefs and cultures of other world religions and equip them with means, approaches, methods, and models on how best witness to people of non-Christian affiliations"

He is also the President of the General Conference Corporation of Seventh-day Adventists in Israel :

Elofer travels around the globe to talk about converting Jewish friends to Christianity:
See "Israel Planters Attend X-change In Germany"
See "Elofer in Lithuania"

His advice to Christians includes changing Christian wording to sound more Jewish and avoiding certain words like "cross" (see point 3.6):
Oleg Elkine and Valentine Novgorodsky are two of the Adventist's churches ordained pastors in Israel who are trying to convert Jews. Both studied through Zaoksky Adventist University in Russia:
Olge Elkine is also the head of the Education Department of the Seventh-Day Adventist church in Israel:
Thanks, once again. We will be working on the missionary data base this week and will include this.

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