Glad to be here. It's sorely needed. I don't know how long this has been a problem but I only heard about this a year or two ago. It's truly sad when a Jew follows after xtianity and abandons Torah. I daresay most xtians think that Torah Law was done away with, thanks to Paul, but little do they realize that what Torah incorporates is an Entire system, civil, criminal, everything. When a xtian says no to Torah Law they are asking for anarchy. One would have to ask then, if Not Torah, then What should it be replaced With. It's no wonder that Torah calls it a Righteous Law. There's no other system that can compare. Even the American judicial system can't compare, because it's an adversarial system and not based on finding Truth but on winning. It's been said that if the nations knew how important the Beit HaMikdash was they would guard it with their lives. It can be said of Torah, also, if the nations Really knew the Justice of Torah they would all run and follow it.

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We are glad to have you here! We've read some of your very thoughtful replies on these issues on other sites. Welcome!

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