Former evangelical missionary Shannon Nuszen joins JewishIsrael Board

JewishIsrael is honored and pleased to welcome Shannon Nuszen to our board, where she will be serving as our North American Advisor.

Shannon, a former evangelical missionary, has spent her entire life studying and analyzing Christian scriptural arguments.  

Shannon was immersed into the field of religious apologetics as a child by her father, a former "Assemblies of God" minister. Traveling as an evangelist with her father, she learned the inner workings of the evangelical movement, and was exposed to the behind the scenes manipulation and many money making stage-show tactics. In the year 2000, Shannon engrossed herself into studying the Christian messianic movement, and was affiliated with some of the most deceptive missionary organizations that have unfortunately penetrated the Jewish world.  Her background and history provide Shannon with an intimate knowledge of the Christian missionary agenda and the dangers it poses to the Jewish communities in Israel and the Diaspora.

Shannon has worked with world renowned counter-missionary Rabbi Tovia Singer of Outreach Judaism, running the American office for three years after the organization relocated to Israel. In 2009, Shannon came to Israel and completed a difficult four year conversion process.  She now lives in an Orthodox community in Houston, TX where she joins counter-missionary Rabbi Stuart Federow of in various counter-missionary and Pro-Israel events. Shannon also served as a board member for a local organization, Bridge Houston, which counters both anti-Israel propaganda and local attempts by missionaries to convert Jews.

For several years now, Shannon has been providing JewishIsrael with information and guidance. We are happy that we can now make our valuable working relationship official.

Welcome aboard, Shannon!