Calev’s Crusade…against Orthodox Judaism

Below are some choice quotes and opinions attributed to Messianic Pastor Attorney Calev Myers, Chief Counsel of the Jerusalem Institute of Justice and partner at Yehuda Raveh and company

"There is a campaign of harassment against the Messianic Jewish community by radical religious organizations that are trying to create dehumanization – especially in religious newspapers." Propaganda that aims to dehumanize Messianic believers could produce in the minds of some radical Orthodox Jews a kind of justification for carrying out the bombing of an innocent family.
Israel Today Friday, March 21, 2008

Myers explains that the messianic community, which numbers about 15,000 people in Israel,"sees itself as a legitimate branch of Judaism. The central belief is that the messianic branch is influenced by the Old Testament as well as the New. It's a bridge between the Jewish and Christian worlds and harassment comes from this because it threatens the worldview of extremist religious bodies that want to uniquely define who is a Jew."
YNetNews Friday, March 21, 2008

Israeli attorney Calev Myers, chief counsel of The Jerusalem Institute, said that a lot of the clerks in the Interior Ministry are ultra-Orthodox Jews. "During the years that [the ultra-Orthodox] Shas [party] controlled the ministry, they made sure to appoint clerks who were willing to carry out their policies," Myers said.
"As a result, Israel is the only Western country where basic freedom of religion is denied. Today, those being discriminated against are Messianic Jews. Tomorrow it will be Conservative and Reform Jews," he said.

CBN News December 15, 2008

Calev Myers, a Jerusalem attorney who represents many Messianic Jews, said the Interior Ministry is still heavily staffed with Orthodox Jewish bureaucrats appointed during the years when Shas was in control, and these clerks work hand-in-glove with Yad L'achim to get around the law and deny Messianic Jews their rights.
Jerusalem Post Feb 12, 2009

All Jewish religious affairs in Israel are governed by Orthodox rabbis, and Myers said Jews who do not conform to Orthodox practices suffer discrimination, including those from Reform and Conservative movements, which outnumber the Orthodox outside Israel.

Myers is a lawyer and former counsel for the Knesset Social Welfare Lobby. The Jerusalem Institute of Justice lobbies for legislation that would guarantee freedom of religious choice and represents people who Myers says are discriminated against.

He cited the recent case of an American messianic Jewish leader who flew to Israel to visit his daughter and was detained at the airport and accused of "illegal missionary activity," which Myers termed "bogus." He was able to secure the man’s release. Proselytizing to minors and offering inducements to convert are illegal in Israel, but Myers said ultra-Orthodox anti-missionary organizations collude with government officials to suppress Christian and messianic Jewish activity.
The Ledger February 24, 2009

In an apparent effort to advance the narrow agenda of the Orthodox Jewish community in Israel, which makes up approximately twenty percent of the population, the outgoing Minister of Interior, Meir Sheetrit appointed last Sunday a special committee to revise or even abolish the Law of Return…

Are we to be a democratic state, with freedom of conscience, freedom of expression and respectful tolerance for minority religions, or are we to be something closer to a nation ruled by a Jewish Ayatollah?

In the eerie light of growing Anti-Semitism worldwide and potential olim yearning for their historical homeland, it is outrageous that outgoing Minister Sheetrit finds it appropriate to call for a special committee, headed by Orthodox Professor Yaakov Ne'eman to discuss possible amendment or annulling the law, by claiming that "the Law of Return is an anachronistic law through which people that have nothing to do with Judaism receive citizenship.
Excerpt from Calev Myer’s Jerusalem Institute of Justice Enewsletter, March 1 2009

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