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Sent: Sunday, November 07, 2010 5:42 PM
To: Subject: Richard Frieden - Wave Jerusalem

Shalom Jewish Israel,

In response to the recent article (items) posted on Jewish Israel concerning Wave Cafe:

Please be informed that all our social and community service amongst youth under the age of 18 are done in conjunction with and under the supervision of local and or national social workers and therefore we fully comply with current Israeli law that states: "No one can discuss changing religion with a minor (under 18 years of age) without their parent’s permission."

I am Jewish and I have a personal faith in Messiah Yeshua based upon Torah and the New Covenant. I serve our Nation of Israel proudly in our military's reserve duty. I am married and have a wonderful family.

It is clear that in a day and age of growing religious intolerance, violence and political polarization in our city of Jerusalem and in our nation of Israel that we should have posted our ‘personal beliefs’ on the Wave Cafe site. We understand that this news has offended some people and therefore we sincerely apologize.

Our motivation for Wave Cafe as stated on Wave Cafe's web site is to encourage and promote arts, culture and community in our city.

Wave Jerusalem, our Messianic Kehila, is a separate entity, a place of worship and fellowship and open for all Believers (Jewish or Non-Jewish) above the age of 18.

We respect and value you for you no matter what your personal, political, spiritual and or religious beliefs.

I recognize, appreciate and respect that you may not reply to my email or post this reply on your web site.

With kind regards and a pleasant week,

Richard Frieden

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