Hebraic Roots Succot event: false advertising?

The below page was on display for more than a year until our Hebraic Roots report of June 21, 2011 was posted. Since then, certain rabbinic personalities have written to us claiming that they never authorized the use of their bio on the sukkotinjerusalem.com site and have explicitly disassociated themselves from any such event (which apparently never took place in 2010 and will not take place in 2011).

We urge those rabbis, teachers and activists who are or have been involved with teaching, dialoguing, or meeting with Christians and members of various messianic and Hebraic roots movements, to regularly comb the internet to see that their names and words are not being used in a false or misleading manner.


On July 31, 2011 after receiving inquiries, Hebraic Roots personality Rick Richardson, who operates sukkotinjerusalem.com, claimed it was a "dummy site" and took the internal pages down. However, his claims are suspect as a test site would not normally post under a prominent URL like sukkotinjerusalem.com -with complete internal page content -without indicating that it was a mock-up only. The page and site was posted for over a year, and of this posting the "non-event" still links from Richardson's site, elijah-project.com . In July of this year, Richardson was prominently displaying that the event was "sold out".

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