Is it Church persecution or anti-Semitism?

We will explore the truth behind accusations of church persecution leveled at Israel and whether or not these accusations are legitimate or dabbling in the realm of anti-Semitism. Reactions to the Narkiss Church fire, the Ariel Purim explosion, and the burning of missionary materials will be investigated

The Ami Ortiz - Ariel Bombing Report:
Preview segments:
1) Anti-Semitism, a Blood Libel, or Gross Opportunism?
2) Who Really Threatened Pastor Ortiz?
3) Exploding the Myths and Exposing the Lawyer

Arab terrorists had claimed responsibility and a court-ordered gag was issued on the investigation. Despite the media blackout on the case, a virtual feeding frenzy ensued among the varying sectors of the evangelical world, as they took advantage of the silence surrounding a serious investigation and screamed bloody murder - fallaciously accusing Orthodox Jews and counter-missionary organizations of being responsible for the bombing and/or for carrying out a campaign of “church persecution”...

UPDATE : an Arrest has been made

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