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Tammuz 6, 5769

Rabbi Riskin: Taken-in or Grafted-in?    


When a prominent Anglo Israeli Orthodox rabbinic leader cites the new testament’s concept of a fusion of faiths, and then proceeds to call for the need to “resurrect god” in a promotional Christian video, how is the Torah observant community supposed to react? How will that declaration be perceived by fervent Christians, and how will that ambiguity (heresy?) effect and reflect on the Jewish community?

Has Rabbi Riskin's pronouncements gone beyond the pale of normative Judaism as we know it?


View the video and read the full report....more


Sivan 26, 5769

Christocracy in the Holy Land

Organizations like The Christian Embassy (ICEJ) regularly praise Israel for religious freedom while criticizing countries where “Christians cannot practice their faith openly, build churches or propagate their message!”  There’s a clear implication that in order to qualify as a democracy, a country is required to allow the Christian message to be spread without restraint. Where does that leave the Jewish state, and those charged with upholding Torah values? Jewish Israel takes a look at the ICEJ agenda and the Jewish position on Tolerance, Religious Freedom and Proselytizing?...more


Israel’s Evangelical Embrace and the 11 Cardinal Sins

Warning: Before proceeding to this post, know that you are most likely in violation of at least one of the sins listed. So, if you can’t take the heat, stop now, because you are about to enter the Shmad Zone - where Jewish Israel asks, “how low can we go” in the quest for tourist dollars?...more


Calev Myers: He loves me... he loves me not

In November of 2008, Calev Myers the Chief messianic Counsel for The Jerusalem Institute of Justice praised this writer for, “…simply good penmanship… You base your articles on facts and state your opinions clearly while using an apparently healthy sense of humor…your writings are like a breath of fresh air.”

Well, it seems I’ve fallen from grace, as last week Myer’s JIJ e-newsletter referred to me as a “radical activist” and “spokesperson for the radical Orthodox agenda in Israel”  ...more

Sivan 15, 5769

COMING SOON: The Ami Ortiz - Ariel Bombing Report:

Jewish Israel will be issuing a comprehensive report in the coming days. View the first report of the attack in the Arab press and read our preview segments on The Evangelical Media: Anti-Semitism, a Blood Libel, or Gross Opportunism? and Who really threatened Pastor Ortiz?

And Exploding the Myths and Exposing the Lawyer

TIP–off on Anne Ayalon 

 Prior to the Pope’s visit, The Israel Project (T.I.P.) sent out a pamphlet promoting Anne Ayalon and 3 other “Christian Israelis” as "Talking Heads for Pope Visit on Christian-Israeli Relations”
Although as a policy “The Israel Project is not related to any government or government agency”, they seem to be awfully close to the Deputy Foreign Minister’s wife.  Look what they know…


June 1, 2009

Messianic Rapper Aviad Cohen to leave Israel:


"The World's Most Kosher MC" turned Jesus freak - who made aliyah last fall - is reportedly leaving the country (thank G-d).


“I need to move back to the USA for many different reasons that I prefer not to disclose since some are of a sensitive nature… “

Jewish Israel had informed the Interior Ministry and alerted Yad L’achim about his activities. In addition we had posted videos clearly displaying his contempt for Orthodox Judaism and his overt missionary intentions.


Jewish Israel feels that Aviad Cohen is indeed a troubled and lost Jewish soul.  Numerous rabbis and counter-missionary specialists have reached out and tried to assist him.


We feel it is deplorable that premier Christian Television networks ranging from the established to the overtly messianic missionary to the occult have taken gross advantage of his talent and internal turmoil in order to promote their agenda to convert Jews.

More on this story….



Jews for Jesus claims 21 Jewish victims in 3 weeks:

It seems the jews for jesus coastal plain "behold your god" campaign has ended. Here's the damage report - an excerpt from their May 29th newletter :

"... we were able to hand out over 33,500 gospel tracts. We spoke to over 3,900 people on the phone and offered them a free copy of the New Testament. We knocked on more than 1,800 doors and talked to 632 people in their homes, offering them a free book about Jesus. We got the contact information of 716 unsaved Jewish people who told us that they want to know more about Jesus. Fourteen Israelis prayed with us to receive the lord during the campaign and seven prayed with us during follow up visits. Twenty-one Jewish people and eight gentiles came to faith in Jesus during this campaign..."

More on this story….



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