Law and Ethics

This section will cover
1. Legislative issues in Israel
a) anti-missionary legislation
b)Messianics and the Law of Return
c) Visa issues for evangelical volunteers and missionaries

2. .International Freedoms of religion legislation and policy vis a vis Israel:
a)The US Congressional International Freedoms of Religion Act 1998
b) State Department Religious Freedoms Reports
c) The UN charter and religious freedoms
d) The overall debate on religious tolerance and democracy and how it comes into conflict with the Jewish nature, character and halacha of the a Jewish State

3. .Church persecution or anti-Semitism?
a) the truth behind accusations of church persecution leveled at Israel
b) are these accusations to be seen as legitimate or anti-Semitic?

4. The Judeo- Christian Debate
a) a cultural term or a biblical term and all of its implications

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