Rav Soloveitchik's letter to the RCA, November 1964

Exerpt from page 260 of the book Community, Covenant and Commitment

In a letter to the Rabbinical Council of America in November 1964 Rav Soloveitchik wrote,
…We are, therefore, opposed to any public debate, dialogue or symposium concerning the doctrinal, dogmatic or ritual aspects of our faith vis a vis “similar” aspects of another faith community. We believe in and are committed to our Maker in a specific manner and we will not question, defend, offer apologies, analyze or rationalize our faith in dialogues centered about these “private” topics which express our personal relationship to the God of Israel. We assume that members of other faith communities will feel similarly about their individual religious commitment.

We would deem it improper to enter into dialogues on such topics as:
1) Judaic monotheism and the Christian idea of Trinity.
2) The Messianic idea in Judaism and Christianity.
3) Jewish attitude on Jesus.
4) The concept of the Covenant in Judaism and Christianity.
5) The Eucharist mass and Jewish prayer service.
6) The Holy Ghost and prophetic inspiration.
7) Isaiah and Christianity.
8) The Priest and The Rabbi.
9) Sacrifice and the Eucharist.
10) The Church and the Synagogue – their sanctity and metaphysical nature, etc.
There cannot be mutual understanding concerning these topics, for Jews and Christians will employ different categories and move within incommensurate frames of reference and evaluation.

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