You'll find an evolving wealth of information and resources on this site

Glossary : a guide to basic Evangelical terminology

Torah: a selection of Sources proclaiming the Oneness of Hashem, and warning against Idolatry

Halacha: a selection of past and present rulings, opinions, and definitions

Legal Arena: contemporary developments on ethical and legislative matters

Statistics: on the numbers of messiancs, congregations and organizations in Israel

Special Reports: a partial listing of some of Jewish Israel's more in-depth reports

Articles: a selection of published articles and opinions from a variety of sources

Who's Who in the Evangelical World: a database of missionary personalities and organizations and their network

Bookstore: a bookstore featuring relevant books and DVDs on counter-missionary responses, journeys to Judaism, and Jewish law

Quotes: Some ambigious statements from "Christian Zionist Friends"

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