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Scholar blows hole in origins of Christianity

Professor Rachel Elior, an Israeli scholar has brought into question research claiming the Dead Sea Scrolls were authored by the Essenes. She claims the supposed sect never existed.

Her research could blow a big hole in the whole Hebraic roots/messianic/Judeo-Christian movement. But she is far from being the first scholar to question the Essene spin:

New York University's Professor of Hebrew… Continue

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Calev continues crusade against Orthodox Jews

Messianic attorney Calev Myers is on the rampage again and taking aim, once again, at the Orthodox Jewish community.

Here are some choice excerpts from his recent
Jerusalem Institute of…


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Conversion mania sweeps world-wide churches

Not since the Inquistion has so much concern been focused on "saving" Jewish souls - and it seems that everybody's doin' it from Evangelicals to Anglicans to Catholics.

Here's a one-year conversion timelime for your convenience

February 2008: The Vatican announces that Pope Benedict XVI has penned a new Prayer for the Jews to replace that in the Missal of Blessed John… Continue

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David Rotem new chairman of Knesset Christian Caucus

"Relations on the basis of religious love can attain political support which we so need." - (MK David Rotem)

Is that a pithy statement or what?

The Israel Beiteinu MK is the newly appointed Chairman of the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus. He replaces Benny Elon

As part of the Allies Caucus, Rotem joined missionaries last August in Texas for… Continue

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A Lack of Facts in Ariel Bombing Investigation

Uvda” means "facts" in Hebrew, and it's the name of a highly popular TV program hosted by investigative reporter Ilana Dayan. The show failed to live up to its brand, as it was sorely lacking in anything of substance on the unresolved case of an explosion which occurred last Purim in the Israeli town of Ariel - seriously wounding a messianic pastor's son.

Dayan began the show by claiming that the attack was most likely carried out…


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Missionary U. in the heart of Jerusalem


On March 24, Southeastern University will hold its grand opening ceremony for the Jerusalem Studies Center - a satellite campus for Ministerial students.

The self-described "Christ-centered University" was founded in 1935 as a Bible Institute to train pastors and missionaries.

The deal for the 13,500 foot five-story building in the heart of…


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