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Look who’s clinging to Naomi

It’s Erev Shavuot , and time for a little revelation…

Jewish Israel likes to reveal the truth, but in the process we also tend to expose the lies - and that’s an uncomfortable business.

Joel Bell is in Israel with Christian messianic ephramite… Continue

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Likud’s Assulin: Opportunist or Apostate?

It’s hard to know what truly motivates a young Israeli politician to embrace a Jesus cult, but on the eve of Shavout - a festival which marks our spiritual redemption from the bondage of idolatry and immorality – Likud’s Sagiv Assulin has chosen to play with a strange fire which threatens to consume the Jewish State.

Assulin has recklessly thrown his support and faith behind the messianic Christian Ephraimite movement and he has embraced the theology and promoted the agenda… Continue

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Knesset Caucus Christians deceive authorities

Missionaries Roy and Mary Kendall, active members of the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus are boasting via email of having crept into the Jewish state by rather deceptive means…

"...we were advised to get new passports so as not to have stamps showing entry into Israel (which we did immediately)"

hmmmm... and then there's… Continue

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Missionary rumble and Messianic rumblings.

Fists and new testaments were reportedly flying in Rehovot last week.

Ynet reported that messianic missionaries were attempting “to convince passersby to convert", which outraged Orthodox residents and provoked a fight. Ynet correctly emphasizes in their article that the messianic movement “has its origins in American Evangelistic churches and its purpose is to… Continue

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Post-Pope Postscript

I think the people of Israel are clearly suffering from Pope fatigue, but I suppose a little closure is called for over this failed multi-million shekel venture, traffic headache, and momentous waste of time and energy.

The rabbis featured prominently during Benedict XVI’s visit…

Back in April JewishIsrael suggested that Jewish sensitivities were going… Continue

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Daystar's Dark Shadows (Ayalon update)

Ayalon Update:

JewishIsrael recently reported that Anne Ayalon, wife of Deputy Foreign Minister (and former Israeli Ambassador to the U.S) Daniel Ayalon, appeared on the Daystar Christian television network last month and openly discussed her Christian evangelical heritage. She encouraged Christians to come to Israel for reasons including, "Eighty percent of…


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Western Wall Woes : Double-Crossed

Well, I’m not surprised... but I am depressed.

A few weeks back we marveled at how the rabbi of the Western Wall, Shmuel Rabinovitch, took a mighty stand on two accounts vis a vis the Pope visiting the Kotel:

a) With regards to the Pope displaying his cross at the site,… Continue

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To coincide with the Pope’s visit, JewishIsrael is launching its website and making current content available to the online public. View our Pope briefing for a comprehensive look at a very complex and unholy situation.…


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Messianic Aliya...Oy Vey!

In the last 24 hours two of Israel's major news sources are carrying stories about Messianic aliyah (is that an oxymoron?):

YNET: Messianic Jews demand Israeli citizenship and

The Jerusalem Post: Aliya expert: Messianic Jews and aliya

The author and expert of the… Continue

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Wife of Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister is a “Born Again Believer”

She may be "born again", but this “Judeo-Christian union” could be the death of us all (G-d forbid)…

Evangelical Christian Anne Ayalon, the wife of Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister Daniel Ayalon, can be seen and heard on Daystar Television… Continue

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Messianic foresees forced conversion of Jews

"Days are coming when the Jewish people will be forced to realize that Yeshua is the only solution to all our troubles."

Is the above a prophecy or a threat?

Either way, anyone who speaks like that about the Jewish people deserves a special place in hell - Even if he is a war hero and - according to the Jerusalem Post feature - one of… Continue

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