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We’ve got mail – from missionary Shani Ferguson

Last Friday, Jewish Israel received an email response from Shani Sorko Ram Ferguson of yeshuaisrael.com in reaction to our posting, “The Anti-Semitic "Messianic" Apple doesn’t Fall Far from the Tree”. In that posting we link to an excerpt of one of Shani’s video blog… Continue

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The Anti-Semitic “Messianic “ Apple Doesn’t Fall Far from the Tree

Christian Missionaries Ari and Shira (Carole Lindsay) Sorko Ram of Maoz Israel Ministries of Tel Aviv run a $2,500,000 plus enterprise which targets Jews for conversion and propagates “messianic judaism” in Israel. They enjoy…


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Batting for Jesus: Baptist Village update

Last week Jewish Israel reported on an overt and growing missionary presence at the Baptist Village, in Petach Tikva, in anticipation of the Maccabiah 2009 baseball and softball games. According to church reports and bulletins, the Baptist Village grounds, as well as the staff and volunteers,… Continue

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Baptist Missionary Village makes Illegal Pitch at Maccabiah 2009

It was most likely a bureaucratic or careless mistake, but that didn’t stop the Petah Tikva Municipality from throwing an unexpected curve ball at the 2009 Maccabiah Games. Play was halted when Israeli police came onto the field to inform participants that the Baptist Village was operating without the proper business… Continue

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Evangelicals recycle messianic old “good news”

This is weird, or would misleading and deceptive be more accurate terms?

On June 26th the Standing with Israel newsletter section of Charisma Magazine ran a feature article by messianic “Rabbi” Baruch Rubin entitled: Messianic Judaism Recognized in Israel and… Continue

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Missionary converts: a history lesson

Israel National News (INN) has recently reported on two stories which threaten the very foundations of Judaism in the State of Israel; and put the government, the courts, and the rabbinate on a collision course.

Last week it was reported that the counter-missionary organization Yad L’achim handed the Chief Rabbinate a list of more than 60 recent converts to Judaism who continue to… Continue

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Freund Finds Friends in Finland

Michael Freund has put Club Med writers to shame with his latest piece on the “pleasant”, “peaceful”, “pristine”, “tranquil” and “resourceful “ nation of Finland. Michael has recently returned from the Christian Zionist utopia, where he soaked in rays of “deep-seated love and admiration for Israel”.

“There are churches where the Israeli flag is proudly displayed side-by-side…


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“Pray for Larry Derfner”: Israel’s ambassador for Jesus

The Lawsuit:

The lawsuit filed by the Nachalat Yeshua Messianic congregation against Beersheba Chief Rabbi Yehuda Deri and counter-missionary organization Yad L'Achim, went to trial on June 10th. According to reports, back in December of 2005 “hundreds” – even “up to a thousand” - “Ultra-Orthodox” Jews tried to prevent the baptism…


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The Kosher Christian Controversy

Should a Jewish convert to Christianity be trusted with matters of kashrut? The Chief Rabbinate and two local rabbinates said “no”. The secular Supreme Court of Israel – which in recent years, has been telling the Israeli Rabbinate how to keep kosher - said “yes”.

The gist of it in a pastry shell:

Penina Conforty, a Yemenite Jew, had the kashrut certificate of her bakery business (“Pnina Pie”) removed in 2006 by Ashdod’s Chief Rabbi. Rabbi… Continue

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An update on the Rabbi Riskin report

A day after Jewish Israel posted a controversial video clip of Rabbi Riskin, and filed a report on some of his contentious interfaith theological endeavors, Israel National News asked Rabbi Riskin for a… Continue

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