Shana Tova to our Jewish Israel members and readership.

This past year, Jewish Israel wrote over 80 reports on the topics covering missionary activity in the Jewish state and in the Diaspora, freedoms of religion and legislative issues, growing evangelical and Christian messianic influence within the Knesset and all sectors of Israeli society, Christian real estate acquisitions and endeavours, and ethical and halachic concerns. In addition to our online presence, we met with Knesset members, rabbinic and Jewish community leadership, participated in conferences and provided presentations to the public at large.

Jewish Israel invites you to review our blog list to catch-up on stories that you may have missed. Over the year we also added 25 new videos to our video library.

This year, Jewish Israel will continue its efforts to raise public awareness in Israel and the Diaspora, as well as network among counter-missionary organizations and professionals. As always, we will continue to place a special emphasis on calling our leaders to accountability and asking them to act wisely, to serve in an honest and exemplary fashion, and to provide clear, responsible, and Torah-true guidelines for the Jewish people.

Jewish Israel will be on a holiday schedule for the next two weeks and will only be reporting as needed. We will resume our regular reports and updates after Succot, starting with a comprehensive re-cap of some of the major issues we covered for 5770. We will also be continuing our series on some of the more serious interfaith breaches taking place among Jewish leaders and asking the question, "would the Rav approve?"

We hope and pray that G-d should grant Am Yisrael, and all good people, a year of peace, health, and prosperity.

Gmar Chatima Tova,

Jewish Israel

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