As we indicated in an earlier report on online predators for Jesus, Ruth Guggenheim executive director of the Baltimore chapter of Jews for Judaism takes off the gloves when it comes to fighting missionary activity. She’s not one to mince words and is on record for having said, “There is no difference between a sexual predator on the Internet and a spiritual predator.”

In their latest creative campaign the Baltimore chapter exposes the hypocrisy of the messianic movement in an animation posted on YouTube which asks, “In this day and age…can pigs EVER be kosher?”

The animation was created by Lauren Hubert a college intern working for Jews for Judaism this summer. The cartoon pig is depicted as cute and friendly and the overall presentation is thoughtful and clearly educational in a very Jewish way (explicating on the Torah and a common Yiddish phrase).

It’s far less provocative than the pig image thrown at counter-missionaries by the messianic Christian Rosh Pina Project.

But in today’s world even generic and benign cartoons can inflame passions and illicit strong reactions. So Jewish Israel asked Jews for Judaism’s Ruth Guggenheim if the organization expected any flak from the PC crowd over this presentation?

Her response:

“The use of the pig actually goes back nearly 20 years. This was one of our original brochures. I thought it would be good to "revitalize it" and put it back into circulation. I'm going to continue trying to get some of our older pieces animated so that the younger generation will look at it and get the message. (Also, I think the adults like it. We've gotten a lot of positive feedback). The pig is cute and it literally fits with the phrase of "pigs have kosher feet" - there was no hidden message in it, other than grabbing people's attention and working with the phrase.

Thanks Ruth. Jewish Israel gives you our stamp of approval.

We look forward to more bold, innovative and animated productions from Jews for Judaism.

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