A Lack of Facts in Ariel Bombing Investigation

Uvda” means "facts" in Hebrew, and it's the name of a highly popular TV program hosted by investigative reporter Ilana Dayan. The show failed to live up to its brand, as it was sorely lacking in anything of substance on the unresolved case of an explosion which occurred last Purim in the Israeli town of Ariel - seriously wounding a messianic pastor's son.

Dayan began the show by claiming that the attack was most likely carried out by Jewish terrorists. But for slightly less than 30 minutes we were treated to high school basketball footage, hospital footage, footage of surveillance cameras (the actual cameras, not what they surveyed), some personal interviews, some speculation, and a few hallelujahs - all accompanied by ominous background music. The overall shoddy treatment of the entire Ami Ortiz case by the media, legal experts, and evangelists with an agenda, teeters terribly close to blood libel territory...

Keep in mind that there is a complete media black-out and court-ordered gag on this case. Neither messianic attorney Calev Myers, nor the Ortiz family, nor Ilana Dayan are privy to the facts.
But JewishIsrael will be presenting a full review and honest assessment of what we do know about this case in the near future.

In the meantime, you can start with the
initial report which was issued immediately after the blast from the Bethlehem office of the Palestinian Ma’an news network.

They reported on an “ambiguous explosion” and that “Israeli police said the cause of the explosion is unclear and could have been caused by a firecracker during the Purim celebrations”. But there was something more in that inital 5:27pm report:

Fatah's Al-Aqsa Brigades claimed responsibility for sending a parcel bomb to an Israeli settler in Ariel near Nablus.They said in a statement, "Fighters of the Al-Aqsa Brigades – Struggle and Return Battalion - detonated a new kind of explosive device through a parcel mailed to the Ariel settlement near Nablus."The statement added that the explosion came in retaliation for the assassination of Hizbullah's military leader Imad Mughniyya and the ongoing Israeli atrocities against the Palestinian people in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.
to be continued...

UPDATE: June 8, 2008:
COMING SOON: The Ami Ortiz - Ariel Bombing Report:
Jewish Israel will be issuing a comprehensive report in the coming days. View the
first report of the attack in the Arab press and read our preview segments on The Evangelical Media: Anti-Semitism, a Blood Libel, or Gross Opportunism?, Who really threatened Pastor Ortiz?, and Exploding the myths and exposing the lawyer

UPDATE 2 : an arrest has been made

UPDATE 3: of intelligent madmen…

UPDATE 4: Ortiz case wrap-up: Jack Teitel gets two life sentences plus

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