And you thought replacement theology was dead

(Hat tip to Penina of Shomrei Emet)

Maoz Israel is a $2,500,000 plus enterprise based in Israel which targets Jews for conversion, propagates "messianic judaism", and has an incredible disdain for Orthodox Jewry. This Tisha b’Av, their blog encourages "friends" not to fast with the Jewish people but for them – and here’s why…


"Many Jews will be fasting, as a sign of mourning over the destructionof the Temples. But we at Maoz encourage our friends around the world, to fast not with the Israeli people, but for them. To fast that the nation would see that we are the Temple of God! We are the Body of Messiah, the LORD now lives in us!...

Please pray that all Israel would be saved! That all Jews would come to know that their promised Jewish Messiah has come! He is Yeshua! And His arms are outstretched to all His people Israel."

Maoz Israel’s efforts on behalf of Israel’s messianic Christian community via, enjoy endorsements and support from Israel’s best friends like Pastor John Hagee*, Robert Stearns*, Jack Hayford, Pat Robertson, Michael Little* and many more.

In celebration of Israel’s 60th anniversary, Stephen Strang *of Charisma Magazine ran a cover feature of missionaries - including the founders of Maoz Israel – entitled, "These brave Christians are sharing the love of Jesus in Israel".

*[note: these personalities all serve as either regional directors or executive board members of Christians United for Israel - CUFI]

The FAQ section amounts to a fierce rant against Orthodox Jews:


Fact: Even funds given by Christians to various secular Israeli government agencies will ultimately be inordinately shared with the Orthodox, as their political leaders extract sums way above what their numbers justify because of their political grip on the Israeli government coalition. Again, keep in mind that Israel’s Orthodox religious establishment and political figures are the very people who aggressively harass and obstruct the Israeli believers and do all in their power to keep the Israeli people from hearing the message of salvation.

Fact: The Orthodox politicians are constantly attempting to pass ever-stricter laws making it illegal to share one’s faith (unless it is Orthodox), under penalty of a prison sentence for doing so. Some basic anti-faith laws have already been passed, although no one has yet been jailed under such laws. And it is a fact that some of the Orthodox politicians most active in persecuting believers in Israel are also on the boards of organizations which collect many millions of dollars from Christians who remain unaware of this fact.

Fact: When Christians donate to Orthodox institutions, it is very doubtful that the average recipient will ever know that the funds came from Christians. For example, if an Orthodox yeshiva receives a donation of Christian origin, the students will never know that the followers of the Jewish Messiah gave them a financial gift.

Last week the Maoz Israel blog was requesting urgent prayers for the defeat of the conversion bill as it would make it more difficult for practicing Christians to "live in Israel and to receive their God-given right to Israeli citizenship."


Please Pray With Us As The Ultra-Orthodox Try to Monopolize Judaism in Israel

"Today, Monday July 12, 2010 a crucial issue will be discussed in the Israeli Parliament (Knesset).  The radical Ultra-Orthodox Jews are trying to change the law of Israel in an unprecedented way, to give all the power to the Ultra-Orthodox Chief Rabbi, to decide who is a Jew and who is not a Jew...and thus who can live in Israel and who cannot live in Israel.
This would impact every other stream of Judaism, other than extra Ultra-Orthodox Judaism.  It would make it more difficult for Conservative, Reformed and Messianic Jews to live in Israel and to receive their God-given right to Israeli citizenship…"

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Comment by Jewish Israel on July 22, 2010 at 11:21pm
That may be true for the "native messianic" community, who incessantly go after "radical ultra-Orthodox elements". But it's the Torah observant community both in Israel and the Diaspora who are wheeling and dealing with the mega-pastors and evangelical community from the States. They feel more comfortable with the jesus crowd (even though it's the wrong god) than they do with secular Israelis or liberal Reform and Conservative Jews. Basically many in the Orthodox community have given-up on the kiruv efforts towards their own people. As a result the rift between Jews in Israel and the Diaspora is growing. Read this

Ironically it's the educated secular Jews and even atheists who have enough sense left not to believe in jesus and keep their distance from evangelizing Christians.

Often it's the G-d fearing who stumble into avodah zara
"The sin of idol worship is not necessarily committed out of the pursuit of pleasure and the setting of man in the center. On the contrary, it often appears in periods of spiritual tension and religious seeking. The sinner does not loath spiritual life and the desire to conjoin with a being that is beyond his world, but rather he errs in his choice..."
Comment by Mordechai Yaakov Allen on July 22, 2010 at 5:44pm
A chaver and I were discussing the missionary presence in Israel and the welcome mat that is so often extended to this bunch by segments of Israel’s so-called leadership. He plainly stated that at least part of their strategy in allowing, encouraging and assisting evangelicals and Messianics in Israel is to make things more difficult for the Orthodox community. They want the Orthodox to go away, or at least be distracted enough to leave them alone. Please correct us if we are in error in this assessment of the situation.
Comment by Jewish Israel on July 20, 2010 at 9:49pm
What boggles the mind is how so many Jews buy into the "grafting" theology as if it's replaced replacement theology. But it's all the same "one new man " stuff.

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