Anne Ayalon Promotes Christian Worship Center and Forges Partnerships with Missionaries

Anne Ayalon, founder and president of the Galilean Resort project,  and of ICC-Galilee Properties Management Ltd, continues to use Christian television to promote her Christian worship center, discuss jesus, and encourage a Christian attachment to the land of Israel  through property acquisition.

In her most recent appearance on the program "In the Last Days", Ayalon, a purported convert to Judaism and the wife of Israeli politician Danny Ayalon, placed a theological emphasis on Jews and Christians coming together. In fact, Ayalon literally stated that she personally doesn't see a lot of difference between Christianity and Judaism. 

Several years ago, Jewishisrael expressed concern when Anne Ayalon used the Christian missionary station, Daystar Television, to discuss her evangelical heritage and upbringing. Ayalon has broached Christian theological issues at other public venues as well.

It is more than disturbing that Anne Ayalon, who also serves as the President of Christian Friends of Magen David Adom (CFMDA), has on her board several members who directly target Jews for conversion or lead the messianic community in Israel.

As an example, active CFMDA board member Rick Ridings, director of Succat Hallel, has called for a Jesus revolution in Israel and sponsors jesus concerts and Christian worship happenings for Israeli youth.

Anne Ayalon's founders' list of the Galilean Resort is also problematic as it includes notorious Christian missionary figures alongside prominent rabbis from Israel and the Diaspora.

Those rabbis currently partnering with Anne Ayalon should consider that, beyond interfaith understanding, their participation in such a project is facilitating a Christian Restoration and the raising of the name of jesus christ in the Land of Israel.

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