Glenn Beck and Al-Dura: What IDF Footage?

UPDATE (July 19): After we posted this report, the INN editor again contacted Jewish Israel.  Apparently Dr. Brody did not make the statement regarding Beck's involvement with the al Dura affair, as it appeared in the A7 news report.  It seems Dr. Frager may have made those comments.  The writer of the A7 article has now removed the quotation marks attributing the quote to Dr. Brody.  Jewish Israel is waiting for further clarification regarding the alleged IDF footage and media coverage by Mr. Beck.

UPDATE (July 20): Changes continue to be made on the page. The question of IDF footage has still not been addressed.

UPDATE: (July 24): References to Al Dura and IDF footage have now been removed from the A7 article


Dr. Paul Brody, who is part of the team that recently brought Glenn Beck to Israel, is doing all he can to promote Beck, and then some. In David Lev's article on Arutz 7, The People Who Brought Glenn Beck to Israel, Dr. Paul Brody is quoted as claiming:

“He [Glenn Beck] was one of the few in the media that took Israel's side during the intifada, especially in the libel foisted upon Israel in the case of Mohammed al-Dura, the young boy whom the PA accused IDF soldiers of wantonly killing. Beck showed the IDF footage of the incident on his TV show numerous times, analyzing it scientifically and proving that the bullet that hit al-Dura could not have come from an IDF soldier.”


Jewish Israel called Professor Richard Landes with regards to the above claims, because there is no known IDF footage as Dr. Brody asserts.* 

*[note: perhaps it's a reference to the ballistics analysis by General Yom Tov Samia's investigation, which is based on the only extant footage, that of France2's cameraman Talal abu Rahmah.]


Professor Landes, who serves as Jewish Israel's academic advisor, is one of the most credible experts on the Mohammed Al Dura affair. He has produced documentaries on the subject, testified in court, and has enormous archives of the significant news items, research, ballistics analysis, interviews, photos, videos and commentaries on this issue.  


Professor Landes was surprised at Dr. Brody's statement, as he has no recollection of Glenn Beck's coverage and analysis, or of Beck having played a major role in defending Israel on this particular matter.   While the researchers and parties involved in and following the case may have overlooked one or two of Beck's programs, it's unusual that no one picked up on what is described in A7's coverage as numerous shows involving scientific analysis.


This writer worked with Professor Landes for several months as a research assistant during the production of a documentary on the Al Dura Affair, Icon of Hatred.  This writer as well combed through hundreds of documents and video clips covering an eight year period from the start of the intifada until the trial in France and do not recall having come across any scientific or other analysis by Mr. Beck.


Jewish Israel wrote to A7's English desk (INN) and asked if they would be able to provide us with the dates and video clips of the numerous shows, or put us in touch with Dr. Brody.  We received the following answer from INN's editor Rochel Sylvtsky:

"As you must know, a media source is not responsible for the accuracy of interviewee's statements". Ms. Sylvtsky did provide us with Dr. Brody's email address and wrote that, "If he wants to change what he said, I will do it." 


Jewish Israel feels that when a media source gets information that might contradict the interviewee's statements, they should make sure to investigate and, if relevant, publish their findings. In the meantime, Dr. Brody has been contacted and we will keep our readership informed of his response.


If Glenn Beck as a media personality stepped into the forefront and played an especially active part in defending Israel during the Al Dura affair, as asserted by Dr. Brody, then he is deserving of much credit.  But if it was something a little less grand, then there's no need for Beck's Jewish enthusiasts to exaggerate his contribution or cast him in a role that's bigger than life, as Beck manages to do that all by himself.



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