Chairman of Knesset Christian Caucus resigns

After being relegated to an embarrassing 17th spot on the "Jewish Home" Party list, Benny Elon said he would resign from politics, but continue his work with Christian supporters of Israel as chairman of the Israel Allies Caucus Foundation, the international arm of the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus.

The status of the Caucus appears to be in question, and it is not yet known where Rabbi Elon will set up shop. But back in December of 2005, Elon announced his intentions of setting up an office at the Circle of Grace - a new ministry center affiliated with, and on the property of, Fort Victory Baptist Church in Crowley Texas.
The Pastor of the church is Keith Anderson, husband of Jodie Anderson From the Battalion of Devorah.

The church mission and logo is something that should give Rabbi Elon pause for thought.

Mission (Excerpt):
Bring People To Jesus And Membership Into His Family...

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