Comment Confusion on The Jewish Press Article Regarding IDF Soldiers Targeted by Missionaries

With the entangled mess of comments under yesterday's Jewish Press article, JewishIsrael thought it should try to throw some light on the situation.

JewishIsrael first reported on the ICEJ’s “gift” to Israel's troops back in early November 2014 in the following report:

When in Jerusalem, Israel's Evangelical Pilgrims Feast, Prey and "L...

As a part of that report, JewishIsrael posted excerpts from the original ICEJ video:

IDF marches to the drumbeat of messianics in Jerusalem

A month later, in December, JewishIsrael responded to Pastor Robert Stearns' article in the Jerusalem Post with a letter to the editor citing Stearns' involvement in that same ICEJ/IDF event:

JewishIsrael Responds to Pastor Robert Stearns' Article in the Jeru...

Last week, on January 23rd, JewishIsrael brought to the fore the theological agenda of Father Gabriel Naddaf’s "Forum for the Enlistment of the Christian Community":

Something Fishy About the "Forum for the Enlistment of the Christia...

The video related to that report can be seen here:

Father Gabriel Naddaf addresses B’nai B’rith International

To further understand the larger Christian theological and nationalistic agenda involved in the move to enlist Christians in the IDF, one should read JewishIsrael's report and the various updates from last year here:

Cast a Giant Jesus over Israel

JewishIsrael is of the opinion that if the Jewish Press and organizations such as Yad l’Achim would properly cite, credit and link to JewishIsrael’s work and documentation, then there would be far less confusion among the readership of articles such as yesterday’s.  It is essential and urgent that the Jewish community grasps the full picture and the repercussions of present-day Christian affiliations and cooperation with Israel and the Jewish nation.

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