Community Alert: Israeli Grassroots Organizations and Leaders Collaborating with Missionaries Targeting Jews. Focus: Larry Huch and Daystar TV

In recent months, JewishIsrael has met with a number of Jewish community leaders in Israel in an attempt to prevent these leaders’ further collaboration with active missionaries who are operating in the Jewish state.

To their credit, a number of these leaders have cut ties with such problematic missionary entities. Yet others have chosen to disregard JewishIsrael’s concerns.

Larry Huch Ministries - breaking theological boundaries

As an example, Larry Huch Ministries has had recent and substantial dealings with a number of Israeli institutions, including prominent grassroots Zionist organizations and business entrepreneurs.

Jewish organizational and spiritual leaders in both Israel and the Diaspora need to understand that Larry Huch vigorously promotes “one new man” theology– a belief that Jews and Christians must become one people who together recognize and accept the lordship of jesus.

Huch sees evangelicals as being part of the commonwealth of Israel and he actively strives to break down the barriers between faiths. Huch appropriates Jewish symbols and rituals  and crosses the lines between faiths to further his Christian messianic vision. He supports the messianic community in Israel and the Diaspora and for many years he has been financially supporting and partnering with meshumad "Rabbi" Joseph Shulam of the messianic institution Netivyah , located in Jerusalem’s Rehavia neighborhood.

Yet all of this does not seem to distract Jewish community leaders from their mission to build bridges with such zealous Christian missionaries. Huch has spoken in the Knesset, and just last week was a keynote speaker at an event jointly sponsored by his church and the Israel Allies Foundation (IAF). Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations, Ron Prosor, was also a featured speaker at that event.

Huch has also served as a Regional Director of Christians United for Israel (CUFI). In classic form, while standing next to CUFI’s Pastor John Hagee and behind his church podium featuring a cross  inside a star of David, Huch can be seen delivering a blank check from Daystar missionary television network to members of United Jewish Communities (UJC) of Dallas, Texas.

Daystar targeting Jews in Israel

Huch’s programs are a part of Daystar TV's messianic line-up which broadcasts in Israel.  Daystar owns a studio in Israel and has made it clear that its intention is to get their message about jesus christ "into every home in the land of Israel 24-hours-a-day, 7 days a week." Huch can be seen on Daystar’s programming with Israeli messianic leaders such as Joseph Shulam and  on shows with missionaries Sid Roth and Jonathan Bernis, both of whom have a no holds barred conversionary agenda directed at Jews.

And yet Jewish community and political leaders in both Israel and Diaspora continue to use Daystar as a conduit to get their message out.

It is more than difficult to understand how any Jewish organization concerned about Jewish continuity in a Jewish state could collaborate with missionary personalities and Christian television networks which seek to destroy Judaism.

We urge activists and leaders in the Jewish community to take a good look at their evangelical partners and to listen to what is being said and done to Jews and Judaism in the name of jesus.

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