Counter Missionaries Unite and Launch Jewish Isaiah

In a stunning show of unity, counter-missionary professionals from across the globe, and representing a number of organizations, have joined forces to offer a creative and pro-active response to recent missionary campaigns which have been targeting the Jewish people for conversion.

Jewish Isaiah went live in the early hours of the morning and offers a direct and comprehensive response to aggressive and virulent campaigns like that launched by the missionary organization Chosen People Ministries, which targeted Jews throughout the New York area this summer.

Chosen People’s evangelizing crusade, costing in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, included billboards, full page ads in major publications including in the New York Times, street canvassing , mass mailings, and lectures by noted Christian missionary personalities like Michael Brown.

Isaiah 53 is frequently used by Christian missionaries to try and prove to Jews that the chapter’s “suffering servant” is in reference to jesus. Those Jews identifying with their people and sensitized to Jewish history are, and always have been, impervious to this Christian theological spin. However, at present, a number of our people are spiritually floundering, and have forgotten who they are.

The launching of Jewish Isaiah is an unprecedented effort to clarify matters for those who are confused, and to educate and strengthen those who are actively trying to bring our people home to the G-d of truth.

Articles, commentaries and recordings by leading Jewish scholars, rabbis, and counselors in the counter-missionary field are featured at Jewish Isaiah 53. The currently featured professionals are (in alphabetical order):

Rabbi Eli Cohen, Rabbi Stuart Federow, Asher Norman, Rabbi Moshe Shulman, Rabbi Tovia Singer, Rabbi Michael Skobac, Penina Taylor, and Uri Yosef

Jewish Isaiah does not represent or stand for any particular organization. The site is a work in progress and many other counter-missionary professionals from a number of organizations worked behind the scenes to actualize this endeavor. Visitors to the site should look forward to future commentary and content from additional scholars.

Jewish Israel is honored to have been a part of this project from its inception and to have contributed the site’s banner.

The webmaster of the site is Moshe Verschleisser and inquiries may be sent to

We hope and pray that Jewish Isaiah will prove to be a guiding light for the lost among our people, and will serve as a beacon of truth to inquiring souls among the nations.

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Comment by Jewish Israel on August 25, 2010 at 12:03pm
You're right. A list of anti-missionary organizations should be posted on the site. Jewish Israel will let the webmaster know. Remember the site is a work in progress but went live early in reaction to the Isaiah 53 missionary campaign in the New york area. We understand JewishIsaiah 53 does have plans for a booklist.

You may want to check out the Jewish Israel Amazon affiliated bookstore here
Comment by Jake Jacobs on August 25, 2010 at 11:23am
Looking forward to see more article links on this site, BUT they are missing one MAJOR flaw. No links to other anti-missionary organizations which are active in the USA, Israel and Europe + Russia. Who can people contact if they've been duped by these missionaries?
Also, someone should also have one page devoted in listing all the relevant books in refuting the mssionaries. I haven't seen a bibliography on the subject on the net, just bits and pieces here and there. Anyone know of a comprehensive guide on this topic?

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