David Ha’ivri's Senseless Census on Christian Love

Playing a precarious numbers game, David Ha’ivri has posted yet another ode to evangelical love at the expense of his own people.

In response, JewishIsrael reminds Mr. Ha’ivri of the following:

  1. American Jews were not able to thump their Bibles in Christian dominated lands and so they were forced to find other avenues to express their spirituality, or to down-play it or to bury it.
  2. Missionaries do thump their bibles and have unceasingly directed their fervor at Jews, so our people naturally recoil when they hear “evangelese”.
  3. If David and other Judea and Samaria leaders continue on this path, they will offer up the land that they so love and cherish to their Christian friends on a silver platter.
  4. It would be better for David to find a way to effectively communicate and speak to our alienated brethren, because right now Ha’ivri’s attitude is only contributing to the widening gap.

For a more in depth response to David Ha’ivri, please refer to JewishIsrael’s  Counterpoint in the Jewish Press (2011).

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