David Rotem new chairman of Knesset Christian Caucus

"Relations on the basis of religious love can attain political support which we so need." - (MK David Rotem)

Is that a pithy statement or what?

The Israel Beiteinu MK is the newly appointed Chairman of the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus. He replaces Benny Elon

As part of the Allies Caucus, Rotem joined missionaries last August in Texas for The Days of Elijah Conference. This was after Rabbi Tovia Singer and Yedidya Atlas dropped out of the event after confirming that missionaries were involved.

It should be noted that the following policy statement has been removed from the Caucus site: “The caucus condemns and refuses alliances with any groups that pursue the conversion of Jews to Christianity”. Although the Knesset site still includes the statement.

Jewish Israel will be reporting on Rotem's future statements and activities.

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