Donny Fuchs Exposes Jewish Leadership as the New Jews for Jesus

UPDATE, 2015/04/22: The Jewish Press recently deleted this article. Fortunately, Mr. Fuchs reposted his own copy. We have replaced the original article link below with the cache copy link. If you would like to ask the Jewish Press what made them so scared that they felt the need to delete the article, submit your query via their contact page.

Last month JewishIsrael reported on Jeremy Gimpel's continued collaboration with missionary organizations and leaders.  We posted disturbing video footage and promised a follow-up report to our readership.  Donny Fuchs, who has written several columns on the evangelical incursion into Israel, picked up the ball and delivered with his article The New Jews for Jesus.

Jewish leaders and activists have consistently and persistently denied that they were working with missionaries, and insisted that Christian Zionists were not interested in bringing Jews to faith in Jesus. However now that this is obviously no longer true, Jewish activists are scrambling to keep these unholy alliances intact. The new strategy is to deem the missionary infiltration into Israel as benign and benevolent, rather than take an honest accounting of a tragic mistake.

Thank you Donny for delivering a brilliant, thorough and in-depth response.  A must–read for the Jewish community in both Israel and the Diaspora.

Moadim L'Simcha from JewishIsrael

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