Evangelical Blogosphere Blasts Israel's Orthodox Jewry

It seems Cyberspace is not all that conducive to ecumenism. A number of bloggers were distressed over Israel’s refusal to welcome messianic missionaries into the country with open arms. A sampling of excerpts from the evangelical and messianic blog postings of the last few months may cause some Jews to ask, “with friends like these…”

Messianic Jewish Musings offered up this rant
“Israel isn’t letting all of her Jewish people in. It’s that simple…And who is to blame? …ultra-Orthodox anti-Zionists who run the ministry of Interior…The ultra-Orthodox leaders who control immigration and several other facets of Israeli life are a thorn in Israel’s side. By analogy, imagine if Louis Farrakhan or some other rabid extremist group controlled immigration, weddings, and other aspects of America’s social policy.
We can get involved. Through the UMJC and attorney Calev Myers in Israel, work is being done to stop discrimination against Messianic Jews.”

Ted Pike, the national director of the National Prayer Network, had some choice words:
"The state of Israel says “GO HOME!” to Christian Jews who want to become citizens or to live as authentic, Holy Spirit-led believers in Israel. Israel prohibits Christian Jews from becoming citizens. It also forbids any Christian—whether Jew or Gentile—from sharing Christianity with a minor or even buying an adult Jew a cup of coffee in the course of their religious discussion!

In Israel’s latest act of official anti-Christianity, a Messianic Jewish couple was arrested and detained for over eight hours—in what the husband described as a “particularly dirty, smelly and overcrowded” detention facility—because of their faith."

BTW The author of those words has come to the defense of Eddie Beckford - the hot-headed, hard-hitting missionary from Arad. Pike is featured on the ADL's bad boy list

"Our Friend" Archbishop Cranmer has posted about "Israel's anti-Christian discrimination" :
"Cranmer may be a friend of Israel, but he is not uncritical. He is dismayed to receive a report …which indicates that Christians of Jewish heritage - who almost invariably support Israel - sometimes get a worse deal than Christian leaders who are ambivalent towards the state or occasionally downright hostile towards it. Incidents like this one, reported in the Jerusalem Post, play straight into the hands of Israel's enemies. One might think, with it being Christmas, that the Israeli authorities might express a little more shalom."

And then we have this desperate "PRAYER REQUEST FOR MESSIANIC JEWS NOW BEING PERSECUTED IN ISRAEL" which reports on "accelerated persecution of Messianic believers in Israel... by by govt officials and religious."

And then there is the Israel-friendly, Israeli flag-draped site reporting on "Persecuted Messianic Believers in Israel". In case you didn't know...
"The Messianic community in Israel has been, for years, persecuted by the ultra-Orthodox.
Spreading lies about individuals, businesses, congregations and even vandalism and threats have been a part of life for many Israelis who have accepted their Messiah.
Maoz assists the persecuted believers by helping with business expenses, legal fees and personal support. "

Last but not least, Jews for Jesus is just kvelling over Jerusalem Post’s Larry Derfner and his feature story on the other “benign” and “vulnerable” and “persecuted” apostates. If you had any doubts as to the idolatrous nature of Jews for Jesus, the following excerpt from their February feature article, A Persecuted Church in Israel?, ought to set things straight:
“It is deeply insulting to believers in Jesus to have so strident a denial of the deity and incarnation of the Lord Jesus imposed upon a site that many Christians hold sacred. The sign clearly contradicts the New Testament accounts of the nature of the One whose birth the site commemorates.”
The sign that distresses David Brickner so much was a banner put up by Muslims in Nazareth "GOD is One, the Eternal God. He begot none, nor was He begotten. None is equal to Him" (Qur'an 112:1-4).
Brickner the Executive Director of the Jesus cult, and author of that same article also takes issue with“religious Jews” who disrupt baptisms...
Like I said, “with friends like these…”

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