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Imagine being immersed in contemplative prayer at the Kotel. - just you and the One and Only Master of the Universe. But you’re not alone. A Hebrew-speaking evangelical missionary and his cameraman are stalking the Jewish Holy Site in search of victims to prey upon. Is nothing sacred anymore?

For six hours , Ze’ev Porat - senior Israeli Hebrew-speaking Evangelist of Bibles For Israel - spread his idolatrous thoughts to 50 people (secular and religious) at the Western Wall Plaza.

And he did it in front of the children.

Did anyone bother to report this? Were the Kotel police and the Rabbi of the Kotel aware of the desecration taking place?

It seems missionary Porat heard an other-worldly voice tell him, “Go tomorrow to Jerusalem and tell both peoples, (Jews and Arabs) the good news of my son yeshua.” The bad news for us is that none of the powers-that-be in the Jewish state seem to want to stop this guy, or the swarms of other missionaries who disrupt our right to pray to our One G-d. Nobody dare offend our “best friends” and “their right to share the gospel of jesus christ”in hopes of enticing the Jews of Israel towards apostasy. So, in recent years, the Kotel has effectively been transformed into a shuk for jesus – but hey, the money’s good.

Ze’ev Porat is not just any crackpot for jesus. He works for the same missionary project that Peter Darg of Exploits Ministries promotes. Peter’s missionizing wife, Christine, is scheduled to hold a Christian “worship convocation” and banquet in the Orthodox Jewish complex of Heichal Shlomo next month.

It’s High Holiday season in Israel and the sounds of evangelicals praying to jesus will be heard in Jewish places throughout Jerusalem - on the footsteps of the Southern Wall of Har Ha'Bayit (Temple Mount) and at the Kotel., and - unbeknownst to Heichal Shlomo - almost in the Renanim Synagogue read the UPDATED report)

And you thought you were gonna hear a shofar.

Email Rabbi Rabinovitch, the Rabbi of the Kotel at 'ravhakotel@thekotel.org'

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Comment by Jewish Israel on August 30, 2009 at 7:26pm
Yad L'achim should have someone on the Kotel beat making the rounds - especially with the High Holidays coming up - 'tis the season...
Comment by Ya'aqov Ben-Yehudah on August 30, 2009 at 7:13pm

This is why everyone needs to have Yad LeAchim programmed into their cell phones. There are very helpful over the phone, and want to hear from us.

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