Evangelical lawyer accuses Jewish rights groups of Gestapo tactics

Pastor John Myers and his wife Dariel ought to wash out the “messianic” mouth of their son, the lawyer, with soap for talkin’ dirty about the State of Israel and its G-d fearing citizens . They best bring in an exorcist to beat the demopathic devil out of Calev Myers who accuses Jewish religious rights activists of promoting “an agenda of religious-ethnic cleansing” and employing tactics “eerily similar to methods employed by the KGB and the Gestapo.”

In this recent enewsletter outrage, attorney Myers also accuses the State of Israel of “attempting to control its citizens’ minds and restrict freedom of thought”.

It’s a little difficult to sift through all of the rabid rhetoric , but it seems “Messianic” Myers is all riled up because he deems it “a clear aberration of individual rights typically granted within a democratic system” for rabbis to be “identifying and weeding out believers in Yeshua (Jesus) from the conversion process”. For a rabbi to try and determine whether or not potential converts to Judaism retain a belief in Jesus, or whether those with missionary intent fraudulently went through the conversion process is, according to Myers, “in clear violation of individual rights granted in the Basic Law: Human Dignity and Liberty, which guarantees freedom of conscience and protection of privacy for all citizens.” In other words, Myers uses democratic doublespeak as a cover for his passion for christ.

Myer’s deceptive diatribe goes way beyond the pale of civil discourse. It’s downright medieval. And this writer– who has been praised by Myers - desperately wants to retain her “healthy sense of humor” and refrain from dabbling in “junk journalism”.

So, Jewish Israel asked Professor Richard Landes, a scholar of medieval history and millennialism - who is a master at uncovering and expounding on “the deceits of history” and modern journalism – to try and make sense of this sordid tale.

Below is his reaction to the article “Conversions and the Religious Gestapo” which appears in the July 15, 2009 enewsletter issued by the Jerusalem Institute of Justice.

“This is an appalling piece of hate speech which invokes democratic values, but really reflects a megalomanic paranoia that assumes that one's own motives and efforts are immaculate, and accuses one's opponents as a new version of the worst villains to have walked the face of the earth. The malevolence it suggests towards anyone who dares oppose them, the dishonest exaggerations (just name a messianic Jew at the airport and they'll throw you out), all suggest that Jews have every reason to fear the malice of these missionaries. For two thousand years, Christians have violated their first commandment -- to love everyone, even their enemies -- especially when it came to Jews who had the nerve to say, "No thank you, I don't buy the idea of a dead messiah who's coming back." Isn't it time these folks grew up, learned to handle frustration, and practiced what they preach. Isn't two millennia of demonizing the Jewish people long enough? Why can't they stop? “

Jewish Israel is pleased to announce that author, commentator, and Israeli-American historian Richard Landes will be serving as our academic advisor. His expertise in the field of Millennialism; Christian history and eschatology; Jewish and Christian relations in apocalyptic times; and the origins of Christian Anti-Semitism; make him a most welcome addition to our team.

Jewish Israel is not so pleased to announce that Pat Robertson’s pride and joy, Jay Sekulow of “Jews for Jesus” and ACLJ fame has opened up a branch office in Jerusalem to fight “religious persecution”. Calev Myers sees Sekulow as his mentor (PDF copy), and we can now anticipate this very zealous dynamic duo’s upcoming efforts to persecute , oppress, and suppress the Torah observant community in the name of “religious freedom” and Jesus.

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