Financially Transparent Deception and Honorable Deceit

Michael Decker is an Israeli Evangelical attorney who is a partner in the Israeli law offices of Yehuda Raveh & Co. He also serves as Senior Legal Advisor to the Jerusalem Institute of Justice (JIJ).

Decker and his partner, attorney Calev Myers, founder of JIJ, are in the forefront of the battle for messianic and “Judeo-Christian” rights in Israel. They are among those Evangelicals determined to change the Jewish nature of the State of Israel and the very definition of Judaism.

Via their online presence, newsletters, articles and lectures, JIJ doles out pro bono advice to those hoping to advance a messianic Christian and missionary agenda and foothold in Israel.

Most recently Michael Decker provided information through an article in the messianic publication “Israel Today". The article paves the road for those missionaries who strive to establish legal non-profit proselytizing entities in the Jewish state. Excerpt:

“…evangelism is not illegal in Israel. It is also perfectly legal to register an Israeli charity, even if the sole purpose of this charity is to propagate a certain religion, philosophy, worldview, etcetera.  Jews for Jesus, for example, is a registered official non-profit (Amutah) in Israel, and their registration can be viewed by the public on the website of the Registrar of Amutot.”


 JIJ’s carefully and craftily worded instructions clearly empower those Christians who want to circumvent the Law of Return and make aliyah as “messianic Jews”. Excerpt:

“It is also advised not to discuss your personal beliefs with the representatives of the Ministry of Interior (MOI). These are a matters of conscience and not relevant to the Aliyah application of descendants of Jews under the Law of Return.

The letter from the Rabbi simply needs to state that the rabbi knows/knew your father or your grandparents, and attests to the fact that he/she is Jewish and is/was active in the Jewish community (to the extent that its true). This letter should not state your own beliefs or practices.”

Both Calev Myers and Michael Decker, as well as certain other members of the JIJ team, come from devout Christian families who managed to make aliyah with missionary intent, and who established messianic and church congregations in the Jewish state.

Decker’s father, David, is the son of a Baptist preacher who arrived in Israel as a covert missionary. David Decker proceeded to set-up a number of congregations. He is now the President of Covenant Alliances which is in partnership with the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus. 

Calev Myers successfully defended his father John Myers, when in 2004, Israel’s Ministry of the Interior attempted to revoke the citizenship of more high profile messianic Jewish leaders who came to Israel, claiming they were Jews, despite having converted to Christianity.

Calev Myers and the JIJ team, many of whom got their start at Yehuda Raveh law firm, have been featured in landmark Israel Supreme Court cases concerning Israel’s Law of Return and messianic Aliyah.  They have come to the defense of missionaries in Israel, have fought for state recognition of messianic congregations and have encouraged and facilitated in  real estate deals and purchases for Christ-centered projects, including a branch of a missionary university in the heart of Jerusalem and a museum of Christian love initiated by missionary Mike Evans.  JIJ is pushing for civil marriage in the Jewish state and has staged public happenings promoting mixed marriages.

The lawyers at JIJ are masters at doublespeak and at manipulating the internal debate and challenges the State of Israel faces when trying to maintain its Jewish character.  JIJ manages to uphold the “letter of the law” while violating its spirit and intent, with the outcome of bulldozing the state’s Jewish foundations.

It also seems that the lawyers at JIJ have political ambitions, with Myers involved in plans for the formation of a “Judeo-Christian” Knesset party and the founding of a Knesset Caucus to – ironically - battle anti-Semitism.

To put it mildly, neither Myers nor Decker has kind words to say about the Torah observant community in Israel. Even their purported humanitarian project for lone soldiers has a loaded agenda which violates Shabbat and takes a swipe at Orthodox observance under the guise of “Freedom of Conscience”:

“Every Friday night the lone soldiers across Jerusalem are driven to a hotel where they receive a full hot meal, which would otherwise not be available to them. On the Jewish high holidays and Israeli national celebrations we hold festive meals at a restaurant, open to all lone soldiers.

Most of the lone soldiers in Jerusalem come from Ultra-Orthodox families. The price they paid for choosing a different expression of faith, is for the most part a complete disconnect with their families. Much of our work with them includes assisting with practical needs: help negotiating a contract, furnishing their apartments, providing clothing, and being an address for their everyday struggles.”

In the name of "civil rights, freedom of religion, and social justice", these young Hebrew-speaking evangelical lawyers are promoting a christ-centered agenda in Israel.

In January 2013 The Baptist Press featured Michael Decker in a telling report. Excerpt:

“For years, Decker -- an Israeli believer -- is among a small cadre of Israeli lawyers who have battled what some may see as a puzzling phenomenon: A government that relies on the global support of evangelical Christians has an Interior Ministry that, by Decker's assessment, is fighting tooth and nail against Jews who believe in Jesus from becoming citizens.”

There is more than a hint of strings attached in that loaded paragraph. It seems that in exchange for support for the Jewish State, certain evangelical Christians are expecting citizenship, and a spiritual stake in Israel, in return.  And they will craftily turn the letter of the law upside down in order to accomplish their goals.

Israel, you have been warned.

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