Last week the Jerusalem Post reported that “officials in the Prime Minister’s Office made clear that they cannot accept a donation of more than 1,000 dozen yellow roses from American Christians who were upset by reports of Obama’s treatment of Binyamin Netanyahu in the White House last week."

Apparently Beit Shemesh-based florist Richard Kovler was told that, “the Prime Minister’s Office could not get involved, because Netanyahu must be very careful to avoid anything that smacks of disrespect for
the president at such a sensitive time.”

Yesterday’s Jpost headlines declared that the Prime Minister’s Office “was happy to get Christians’ roses” .

Jewish Israel thinks that it may have been the agent and the agenda, and not the gesture that caused the problem.

Taking a moral stand with Israel is the right thing to do and some Gentiles like to say it with flowers. But next time use FTD as the conduit (or stick with lobbying Congress), as the very Christian Janet Folger Porter packs a very thorny and loaded bouquet. A gift of flowers from the President and Founder of the evangelizing Faith2Action organization should cause any Jew to squirm – especially the Prime Minister of the Jewish State.

For those unfamiliar with the Fundamentalist Christian Radio Show host*, she is author of the Criminalization of Christianity. She penned You Cannot be a Christian and Vote for Obama. And a recent YouTube video features her fervently praying for Christian control of America’s media. And that’s just for starters…

The Jewish people may have been overcome with the whiff of 10,000 plus roses of “friendship” from evangelical Christians, but it’s time to wake up, smell them, and take a gander at Porter’s homepage at, where she promotes a campaign to target Jews for conversion directly below her flowery gesture of goodwill.

You can hear it too on her Good Friday Program where she and her missionary sidekicks promote flowers for Israel, Passover, and the proselytizing of Jews in the same breath. This is not just poor timing on Janet’s part as she regulary preys on Jewish souls in her evangelical programming. Jewish Israel has uploaded portions of the following shows for your listening displeasure:

Abraham Sandler witnessing to Jews and Seder symbolism

Jack Heintz witnessing to theJewish People

[Jewish Israel notes that messianic and evangelical sources habitually abduct and rape Pesach and its symbolism. The travesty of three matzahs representing the trinity can also be seen in this recent MaozIsrael missionary video. An antidote for that poison can be found at authetic Jewish sites like Jews for Judaism and YU Torah Online . ]

Some Jews expressed concern that a rejection of Porter’s floral bomb would insult and humiliate our Christian friends, but Jewish Israel laments the self-destructive tendencies of those Jews who are so entrenched in the galut that they are afraid to say “no thank you” to a Christian evangelist who blatantly displays, on her homepage, a desire to convert the Jewish people and who regularly broadcasts those intentions loud and clear to her listenership. True Gentile friends will stand by an Israel which has enough self-respect to say “no” to those who would deceive her, rip out her foundations, and prey on her very soul (in this case we’re referring to Porter’s intentions – not Obama’s).

Jewish Israel suggests that the government of Israel show strength and independence by refusing to be used as a pawn in some American political game which pits the Republican fundamentalist Christian Right against the currently elected and very problematic liberal Democratic administration – a game that Israel should not be playing.

Unfortunately, until American Jews can work through their dual loyalty issues, they will continue to be stuck among the thorns, and will likely entangle Israel as they try and extricate themselves.

*note: Evangelical Radio host Janet Folger Porter is not to be confused with Evangelical radio host Janet Parshall who is on record for stating that she feared Israel would eventually say, "We'll take your aid, your support, and your tourist dollars, but we won't take your Jesus." Parshall abruptly withdrew her participation from the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus Women's Council Summit: Empowering Women Through Judeo-Christian Values. She found the declared anti-missionary stance of the Caucus to be unacceptable. It was Parshall who first announced the establishment of the Caucus on her radio show.

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