Freund’s Folly: big on praise; lax in research

Michael Freund had yet another article in the Jerusalem Post extolling the evangelical community’s “deeply-rooted love and concern for God's chosen people”. Michael is big on praise, but a little lax in his research.

His most admired evangelical list reads like the Pulitzer Prize directory for promoting apostasy in Israel.

Among the evangelical individuals and institutions which received Freund’s hechsher are CBN, Michael Little, Gordon Robertson, Pat Robertson, Wendy Griffith, Janet Parshall, the International Christian Embassy; Christians for Israel, Robert Stearns, John Hagee

Make sure you click on the links to get a taste of the true agenda here. Freund is singing the praises of those who promote “messianic Judaism” in Israel, accuse Israel of church persecution, accuse the Orthodox community of violence against Christians, and have used the media, and political and economic pressure to prevent Israel from adapting and enforcing appropriate counter-missionary legislation.


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Comment by Jewish Israel on May 6, 2009 at 8:39am
Michael appears to exhibit a Diaspora mentality. I can't speak for him (and I don't want to), but many Jews with an insecure Diaspora mentality feel that "Israel will not survive without America's evangelical base", or "we must form a Judeo-Christian union - both spiritually and politically - in order to confront Islam", or "Israel should not be afraid to loosen the Law of Return and let christian friends in in order to offset the demographic threat (or compromise the halacha on conversion)".

Too be sure, Israel can use strong political, economic,and political alliances, but the lack of faith and insecurity demonstrated by certain Jewish leaders and activists makes one wonder just where they are standing.
Comment by ShoshanaTunk on May 3, 2009 at 6:51pm
I do not understand how Michael Freund can think that these people have a deep-rooted concern and love for Hashem's Chosen people if it is obvious that they are doing everything they can to stop the Chosen people from doing what Hashem commanded them to do. If they really loved G-d's Chosen people they would be doing all they can to help them obey G-d and support G-d's words. I doubt that G-d would appreciate their so-called love and concern.

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