Haaretz finds religion (the wrong one, of course)

Jewish Israel did a double-take at the Haaretz homepage shortly after midnight ( nothing Haaretz can print really surprises us anymore – but this did). On the left-hand column past the rotating Google ads, under the Gilad Shalit captivity counter, and above candle-lighting times, is a red on black paid-for advertisement for Jesus. We looked again in the early morning hours and the eyesore was still there.

The ad links to one of those Christian messianic “Hebraic roots” sites claiming to possess the “biblical truth” via jesus. The ad has no business being in an Israeli paper – even one like Haaretz – even one hard-up for advertising revenues.

Write to them at feedback@haaretz.co.il

Let’s see if we can redeem the grand ‘ole rag from its special place in hell.

Why bother you ask? Well if Jewish Israel could be so bold as to play the “one interceding angel out of a thousand [accusers]”, then consider this…

Haaretz columnist Bradley Burston once wrote an absolutely brilliant article entitled: Why 'Jews for Jesus' is evil
(Plus they’re still counting for Gilad Shalit and include Shabbat Candle Lighting times on their homepage).

So drop them a line at feedback@haaretz.co.il,or better yet, write them a letter to the editor at letters@haaretz.co.il

UPDATE : Jewish Israel checked the homepage of Haaretz on August 19th and the ad no longer appears.
UPDATE 2 : Jewish Israel checked the homepage of Haaretz Mid November 2009 and the ad is back up

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