Israel's Ministry of Education provides license for Christian missionary camp understands that non-Jewish children residing in the Jewish state are entitled to a fruitful and fun summer experience that may or may not include private, religious worship. What's incomprehensible, however, is that the Ministry of Education granted a business license to known Jews for Jesus missionaries to operate a summer camp in Northern Israel.

Efraim and Jeannie Goldstein, of CJF (Christian Jew Foundation), are jubilated about the efficiency of the Israel's Ministry of Education, which issued the license for the camp a mere four hours after the application was submitted. 

Before joining CJF, the Goldsteins established and directed the Jews for Jesus office in Tel Aviv and operated that ministry for 12 years. The CJF camp programs for teenagers and children are being held in one of Israel’s national parks, Hurshat Tal. As part of the summer fun, the Goldsteins look forward to "the opportunity to witness to the guards" hired to protect them, implying that the camp’s children will be encouraged and/or instructed to spread the Christian faith in Israel.

It seems that a number of government bodies in Israel are recklessly churning out permits and authorizations to our "Christian friends", while turning a collective blind eye to youth-oriented missionary activity in the Jewish state. And it's been a very hot summer…


Jews for Jesus summer programs in full swing

Massah Israel Outreach is a ten-week Jews for Jesus program which began in June.  The goal of this program is to "lay a solid foundation for reaching Jewish people for Messiah". The first 7 weeks are in Israel, where participants study modern Hebrew and other “stuff”:

"The team reaches out to Israelis after being trained in apologetics, Messianic prophecy, conversation techniques, Israeli culture, and how to lead someone to Y’shua (Jesus).  We explore traditional and new creative evangelistic methods". 

The group then moves on to the Far East where they target lonely Israeli backpackers, like those fresh out of the IDF.

Of course Massah Israel is not to be confused with Masa Israel, a program for authentic Jewish youth. Jewish Israel covered the deceptive name game back in 2009 in our post, Whose Birthright is it?


Jews for Jesus opens a new branch in Haifa

According to the Jews for Jesus June 2012 newsletter, that organization has opened a new branch in Haifa with a young and dynamic team:

"We are pleased to announce our newest branch has opened in Haifa, the third largest city in Israel. Haifa is located about an hour from Tel Aviv, currently the largest and most bustling branch of Jews for Jesus worldwide!"


Tents of Mercy Katzir Summer program for messianic young leadership

The Tents of Mercy Katzir Summer Teen camp is in session. “Katzir”, which means "harvest" in Hebrew, is a "national youth program serving the Messianic Body in Israel" to train and prepare Israel's future messianic leaders.  Tents of Mercy was founded by Eitan Shishkoff and "seeks the salvation of Israel by planting indigenous Hebrew-speaking congregations in Yeshua's homeland."


Messianic Shavei Tzion Ministry purchases building in Haifa

The messianic Shavei Zion Ministries an affiliate of Tents of Mercy, announced in their July 2012 newsletter that they have "signed the sales contract for the new building on Tel Aviv Street in Haifa, which means that the property is officially in our name now."

Shavei Tzionruns a messianic theological institute and has a music school for children.  In addition they operate soup kitchens and engage in "outreach" efforts to Holocaust survivors. They are currently in the process of establishing "a Messianic presence in a nearby small town".

Ebenezer Fund’s Operation Exodus "engages" their youth with Israeli missionairies


For years, Christian organizations promoting aliyah, such as the Operation Exodus/Ebenezer Emergency Fund, tried to keep any agenda to evangelize the Jews under wraps.  But today, as we can see from their recent summer tour brochures and videos, the organization actively encourages their "Engage" youth division to meet, learn, and pray with the messianic community and missionary leaders in Israel. Nowadays, the Ebenezer emergency fund openly displays their overt evangelical  "one new man" agenda on their website.


ICEJ Grafted youth division: no holds barred religious zeal

"Grafted", the name of the youth division of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ), recently promoted their summer 2012 Hands on Tour with no holds barred religious passion:

"Grafted aims at mobilizing an army of young Christians who are uncompromisingly committed to following God’s plan for their lives."

"Have you felt God’s call to Israel? God is encouraging us to explore the land of His birth, life, death and resurrection together with young adults from around the world."

It's clear that the intense draw and attraction of devout Christian youth to Israel is fundamentally fixed on Jesus and not a love for "Zionism" or "Judaism".


Elav Concert:  Calls for a jesus revolution in Israel

Last month, Jerusalem based Succat Hallel held their annual messianic rock and worship  concert for Israeli youth at Hangar 11 in Tel Aviv. The video promotion clearly calls for a jesus revolution in Israel, and it appears that throngs of Israeli-born, Hebrew-speaking evangelical teens are ready.

So while Jews in Israel slow down, chill-out, and put their feet up during these lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer, evangelizing Christians - in increasing numbers -are on fire for jesus and continue their march throughout the Jewish state. And they're preparing their young people to direct that alien and forbidden spiritual fire at our children. Tragically, the Israeli government is literally giving missionaries the license (and permits) to continue this childrens crusade.

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Comment by Ya'aqov Ben-Yehudah on August 2, 2012 at 11:43pm

Thank you for reporting on this.

However, I felt that you were awfully diplomatic...

" understands that non-Jewish children residing in the Jewish state are entitled to a fruitful and fun summer experience that may or may not include private, religious worship."

...because "freedom of religion" is not a concept that exists in the Torah world, except for "minhaggim," I suppose.

Not all religions are kasher, and I look forward to the day when various practices no longer exist in Israel.


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