Israeli Postal Service workers refusing to distribute missionary new testaments

It appears missionaries in Israel are stepping up campaigns to deliver the new testament and other Christian evangelizing materials into Jewish homes. Israeli postal service workers are in a bind, with many refusing to distribute the materials.


Last summer a Knesset faction leader informed us that Knesset members had received Hebrew and Russian new testaments and other missionary material, which was mailed to their homes. The Hebrew site X-messianic  covered the story.


Last December Yad l'Achim reported on the escalation claiming that in one week alone

"Hundreds of thousands of homes across Israel" had received Christian missionary material in their mailboxes.


 In January Arutz 7 reported that the community of Kfar HaRo'eh was refusing to accept missionary mailings even under threat of criminal prosecution.


And today, both  Ynet and Arutz 7 are reporting that dozens of postal workers in Ramat Gan have refused to deliver and distribute new testaments to city residents.


With increasing frequency, Jewish Israel is receiving complaints, with accompanying materials,  from those working at community post office branches.


The Israeli Postal Service is apparently caught in a legal bind and until it is resolved, Jewish postal workers find themselves in the uncomfortable and impossible position of inadvertently serving as proxy proselytizers, unless, of course, they refuse to deliver the "good news" as in the case of the workers in Ramat Gan. 


The matter is being taken up by Knesset members and the Communications Ministry.  We hope this will help bring to the attention of Israeli government officials the urgent need for effective counter-missionary legislation which will curb evangelizing efforts in this new evangelical-friendly atmosphere in which Israelis, in both the public and private sectors, find it hard to say "no".


We turned to our Rabbinic Director, Rabbi Sholom Gold for his advice:


"It's a disgrace that the Jewish state is essentially sanctioning the distribution of Christian missionary materials. If you do receive such items in your mail box then, before disposing of them, you are halachically permitted - and even obligated - to shred, burn, or destroy the material in such a manner that no other Jew will be influenced by its content.  Needless to say this should be done discreetly, as public spectacles on missionary-related matters oft-times send the wrong message and play into the hands of the press." 


In addition, Jewish Israel suggests that you contact the Israel Postal Authority to issue a complaint.


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