It's Open Fishing Season for Christian Zionist Proselytizers in Israel

If you can't read it, then watch it and weep.


While numerous Christian Zionist leaders continue to deny any proselytizing or a conversionary agenda connected with their "pro-Israel" involvement, it has become increasingly evident that a great number of devout evangelicals can't help but "fish" for vulnerable Jewish souls by "sharing" the gospel, engaging in "outreach" efforts, or by "planting" messianic congregations in Israel.


Trying to restrain an insatiable drive to proselytize is not unlike the popular "Fishaholics" shark scene from the animated film “Finding Nemo", save for one important element. A virtual missionary feeding frenzy has ensued because it is Jewish leadership which has been openly and eagerly trawling for Christian financial and political support, and engaging in uninhibited interfaith "bridge-building" efforts. This, despite knowing full well that the waters are unmarked, murky and hazardous.


JewishIsrael realizes that not everyone has the head or stomach to read in-depth reporting about the evangelical missionary incursion into Israel.  For those who simply can't stomach the gravity of the situation, or fathom how "friendship evangelism" is impacting the very core of Judaism in the Jewish state, we've posted a number of new videos illustrating evangelical inroads into Israel.  We've focused on three specific videos in this report and have provided brief and concise descriptions. 

Video 1 - Aggressive High-tech Evangelizing

Description: is a cutting edge, aggressively proselytizing Christian organization targeting Jews for conversion. It’s run by native born Israeli "believers in jesus" and enjoys the support of major missionary entities such as Jews for Jesus, Chosen People Ministries (CPM), the Lausanne Movement and Campus Crusade for Christ.


In addition to their use of high-tech evangelizing tools to attract young Israelis, furthers their conversionary agenda by partnering with local Israeli authorities to provide humanitarian aid and bring the "love of Yeshua" to Holocaust survivors.


One for Israel's recent June 15th newsletter is claiming successes on a number of fronts, including the conversion of an Israeli family of six, as well as having lectured on Jesus to a group of 40 mechina students - at the apparent behest of the IDF:



"A couple of weeks ago, we had a request from the Israel Defence Forces to ask if they could send a group to come and hear about what we believe. Of course, we gladly agreed! Around 40 young people from all over Israel who are part of the preparatory program before joining the army came to visit, and for 2 hours they gathered in our main hall and listened as we spoke with them about Yeshua. We had a great connection and a great time with them, answering dozens of questions about Messianic Jews, the New Testament, and so on. Please join us in prayer that Yeshua will not leave them alone in their thoughts, and that their hearts will not find rest until they choose to follow the way the truth and the life." is a project of the "Israel College of the Bible" located in Netanya and directed by Israeli messianic Erez Soref. JewishIsrael has cited Soref as well as those missionaries connected with in previous reports from May 2010, May 2013, and December 2014.

Video 2  Missionary Fields of Wheat Hospitality Village in Kfar Hittim

Description: Missionaries Dean Bye, his son-in-law Chaim Malespin and Eitan Shishkoff describe a new messianic center in Kfar Hittim (located in the Lower Galilee near Tiberias). Beit Hittim or the Fields of Wheat Hospitality Village plans to brings major missionary leaders and congregations together to train messianic youth and to attract new Jewish olim to a center of “Christian love and comfort” - and it’s free of charge!


Dean Bye of Return Ministries is a “beloved” Christian Zionist leader from Canada with strong connections to the Jewish community and to organizations such as ICEJ Canada (the International Christian Embassy) and  KCAC (the Knesset Christian Allie Caucus). Dean Bye's ministry works in partnership with messianic missionary entities such as Eitan Shishkoff's Tents of Mercy. Through "Project Return", Bye  has facilitated in the Aliyah of active messianic missionaries such as Marty and Sue Shoub, as well as his own son-in-law Chaim Japheth Malespin.


As part of Return Ministries, Malespin runs the Aliyah Return Center in Tiberias which in his own words was "established to give a free stay to the new returning Jewish people and Christian messianic hospitality."  Bye makes it clear that his ministry team has "been welcomed into Galilee of the Gentiles by the local Messianic community and significant friends in the Orthodox community.”


Bye is inspired by a new testament formula which many Jews will find deeply offensive.  First bring them [the Jews] on Aliyah by "provoking them to jealousy" (Romans 11:11), and then become an integral part of the new olim's Jewish lives by acting “as a Jew with a Jew” (1 Corinthians 9:20)   via free messianic missionary hospitality at the Aliyah Return Center.


Canadian businessman Jerry O'Leary is helping to finance the new messianic Fields of Wheat Hospitality Village in Kfar Hittim. O’Leary’s website,, makes it clear that received donations "will be sown into the purchase of land and establishment of a unique ministry center, Fields of Wheat in Galilee, Israel. This facility is an Israeli expression of the joint destiny of Israel and the nations. It is the prayerful answer to the heart cry of Israeli Messianic leaders to meet the vital needs of the Body of Messiah in Israel. Fields of Wheat will be a place to gather for children’s summer camps, youth retreats and national conferences, and will provide opportunities for volunteers from the nations to serve the people of Israel as an expression of love for the Lord Jesus Christ."


JewishIsrael was surprised and saddened to see that Leket Canada: Israel's National Food Bank is listed as being involved in this missionary project to empower the messianic movement in Israel.


It's worth noting that in 2011 JewishIsrael gave the community a heads-up on Return Ministries.  We gave private presentations to Jewish community leaders and issued a report on Dean Bye's connection with Tommy Waller of Hayovel Ministries. Chaim Malespin's activities were also discussed in that report.  JewishIsrael also has a number of documents and reports citing messianic leader Eitan Shishkoff of Tents of Mercy.


As expected, once JewishIsrael issues reports, the missionary webpages we link to are often removed.  But we retain archived copies of our material and periodically do site maintenance to replace dead and missing links.

Video 3:  Wayne Hilsden Acquires Jerusalem Property for Major Messianic Center  

Description: Wayne Hilsden, senior pastor of King of Kings [messianic] Community Jerusalem (KKCJ) has purchased yet another piece of Jerusalem’s real estate for a major messianic meeting center to further his evangelizing efforts in Israel.


Hilsden is partnering with Jentezen Franklin Media Ministries to launch what is being described as “an unprecedented opportunity in the nation of Israel to help create faith communities for nine Messianic Jewish congregations speaking five different languages. It is called Celebration Center and it is in the very heart of Jerusalem.”


KKCJ already has a large top to bottom presence in central Jerusalem’s Clal Center, on Jaffa Street.  The active messianic entity already occupies, and apparently owns, several offices, a prayer tower, large auditorium space and a restaurant.  KKCJ has recently opened up a soup kitchen and is actively in the midst of renovating their new property - a former wedding hall - for the messianic "Celebration Center".


Wayne Hilsden, who is also a close associate of the ICEJ, explained his success and the strategy behind expanding the messianic movement in Israel at ICEJ's 2014 Envision Conference.


JewishIsrael notes that Hilsden has been very visible and at the forefront of recent major conferences which have united Christian Zionist leaders from abroad with Israeli messianic Christians, the aim of which is evangelizing and empowering the messianic presence in Israel. Unfortunately certain leaders of the Jewish business sector in Israel have no qualms about encouraging and helping to realize a significant messianic foothold in Israel.

It's Shark Wrestling Time

Recently JewishIsrael got together with some of its board members and advisors to take a look at the recent proselytizing boom and the way in which Christian Zionists are facilitating a jesus revolution in Israel. 


Professor Richard Landes and columnist Diane Weber Bederman joined us and shared in our concerns. They, as well as other who were present at the meeting (although not pictured), are grappling with the issue of curbing proselytizing in Israel and seeking ways to establish parameters for religious freedom in a state which is founded on Jewish values and determined to ensure its sovereignty and unique Jewish character. How one navigates in a sea surrounded by deceptive spiritual "friends" and physical enemies is also a uniquely Jewish problem. It has been since time immemorial.

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