Jesus Behind Civil Marriage Push in Israel

While using the concepts of "freedom" and "democracy" to undermine the Jewishness of Israel, evangelical attorney Calev Myers and the messianic missionary organization MaozIsrael were apparently behind a recent mock marriage of a Jew and a non-Jew in Tel Aviv's Dizengoff Square.


Hitching a ride on the wave of secular resentment of Orthodox institutions in Israel, this exhibition for "civil marriage" was nothing more than another attempt by Myers to advance the jesus agenda in Israel.


This gross opportunism is something that all true Jews, regardless of their level of observance, politics, and opinions on hot-button issues, should be aware and wary of.  Any struggle for democracy, freedom and justice in Israel should not come in the name of jesus, and at the expense of Jewish character and tradition.


View these video excerpts from this mockery of a "Jewish" wedding. It becomes apparent that, unbeknownst to certain people present at the rally, this was nothing more than a missionary ploy orchestrated by Calev Myers and produced by the messianic ministry, Maoz Israel. 



The stomping of a plastic cup to conclude the ceremony is symbolic of the bogus and disingenuous intentions behind the campaign. As to be expected, Myers and the Sorko Rams, in their appearances in this video, raked the Orthodox community and their rabbis over the coals.


Shira Sorko Ram, Maoz Israel co-founder, is a central character in the video and openly states that "we see many messianic Jews here today and other secular people who also want freedom."

Israelis need to ask themselves if they really want the likes of evangelical Shira Sorko Ram (aka Carol Lindsay), the daughter of Christ for the Nations founder Gordon Lindsay, having a hand in determining the nature of the Jewish State, which she refers to as "our nation".

Christian Leaders of the messianic movement in Israel, such as the Sorko Rams and the Myers family, managed to make aliyah as "Jews" with the full intention of spreading Christian belief in Israel.  According to church archives, missionaries like David Decker were covertly sent to Israel, where they set up churches and messianic congregations and became citizens of the Jewish state.   Decker is now the President of Covenant Alliances which is in partnership with the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus.  Attorney Mike Decker, a partner with Calev Myers, is now working hard to change Israeli immigration laws to favour messianic Christians.

In certain cases, attempts to revoke the citizenship of these missionaries (aka “Judeo-Christian believers”) have failed.  Calev Myers successfully defended his own father, Pastor John Myers, in 2004.


Calev Myers, who does not like to be referred to as a missionary, and his father were recently on the road together and appeared at a New Life Church (NLC) Missions event. NLC Missions has no problem stating their mission, which is:

"to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ a. Matthew 28:18-20

b. Acts 1:8 To take responsibility for the practical areas of agency as the arm of God in sending and overseeing world evangelism"



Not surprisingly, while researching NLC Missions we came across this NLC (New Life Church) which openly supports the missionary activities of the Sorko Rams and Maoz Israel in the Jewish state.


Israeli-born Messianic Christians, like Jakob Damkani, are also playing the democracy/religious freedom card. Damkani regularly and provocatively proselytizes and confronts members of Israel's Hareidi (Ultra-Orthodox) community. Messianics know very well that the Hareidi community is ill-equipped to handle secularized Christian crusades and concepts. They lack the sophistication, counter-missionary tools, and language skills necessary to effectively respond to this demopathic blitz – resulting in on-camera "embarrassments”

One wonders how civil and polite the Jewish community in Israel has to be when challenged by jesus groupies constantly trampling our foundations, faith and traditions in our Jewish homeland.

Meanwhile the, Orthodox Zionist community in Israel and in the Diaspora continue to embrace the very evangelical leaders who are fueling "the evangelistic thrust into Israel"

As Israeli society and Jews from all walks of life grapple with the challenges of conversion laws, civil marriage legislation, the threat of assimilation, and other complex issues, we should remember to think Jewish and to keep away from those who are determined to destroy our community, covenant and commitment. 



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