Jewish Israel column appears in new publication, the Jerusalem Observer

The Jerusalem Observer  ("Hamashkif") is a new, free weekly Hebrew - English publication in Israel, which promises to offer "a wide range of observations and voices".

Ellen Horowitz, Content and Research Director for Jewish Israel, has been asked to add her insights in a regular column for the paper. The December 2nd issue carried her article "an Unholy Alliance: Israel's twisted devotion to evangelicalism"

The Jerusalem Observer is published by David and Adam Nesenoff.  Some may recall that in May 2010 David Nesenoff did the Jewish nation, and the world at large, a great favor by exposing the rabid views of former White House Press Correspondent Helen Thomas, in an interview on  Thomas was forced to resign after the video of her comments went viral.

[UPDATE: the December 9th issue includes an editorial by Jewish Israel which concerns the new Knesset caucus formed by Likud MK Danny Danon and messianic attorney Calev Myers]


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