Jewish Israel gives presentation at Jerusalem Rabbinic Conference

On February 11th, Jewish Israel participated in a rabbinic conference held in Jerusalem on the topic of “Activities of Christian organizations and Evangelicals in Israel”.

The conference was organized by Rabbis Elchanan Bin Nun of Shiloh, Gidon Perl of Alon Shevut, and Elyakim Levanon of Elon Moreh. A wide range of rabbinic leaders from across Israel attended the conference, and a number of representatives from the Council of Young Israel and the Rabbinical Council of America were also present.

The aim of the conference was to present the rabbinic establishment with an overview of the challenges we face as a result of the burgeoning Israel-evangelical relationship. The ultimate goal is to strengthen halachic guidelines and to set clear and accountable boundaries vis a vis Israel’s dealings with the Gentile community.

The conference was closed to the press per the organizer’s request.

Jewish Israel’s Rabbinic Director Rabbi Dr. Sholom Gold and our Rabbinic and Academic Advisor Rabbi Dr. Jeffrey Woolf were among the featured speakers.

Jewish Israel’s Public Relations Director Shulamit Leibler gave a comprehensive powerpoint presentation which illustrated the magnitude and complexity of the challenges we face due to growing evangelical influence in every sector of Israeli society.

Jewish Israel reiterated to all the participants that our project is not aimed at destroying any positive aspects of Israel’s political and religious alliances. Rather, the purpose is to responsibly monitor relationships, and to elucidate the obligations and ethical imperative incumbent upon Israel to transform our undertakings with Gentiles into honest, accountable and fruitful endeavors. But we don’t hesitate to expose problems when those relationships become destructive.

Our job is to urge our rabbis, government, and community leaders to re- establish appropriate guidelines and draw redlines for our people at this challenging time in Jewish history. We raise provocative questions and encourage our people to come up with creative, Jewish solutions to the challenges we face. Jewish Israel is available to give presentations in Hebrew or English to rabbinic, government, community, and educational institutions and organizations.

The Rabbinic conference was in Hebrew, but Jewish Israel will be posting translations of relevant lectures as well as video portions of the conference. Any halachic decisions rendered as a result of the conference will also be made available online in English.

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Comment by Jewish Israel on March 17, 2010 at 8:36am
We are working on getting the material translated and will be posting some of the video footage with English subtitles. We hope to have a Hebrew Jewish Israel up an running at some point in the near future.
Comment by Yehoshua Friedman on March 17, 2010 at 4:37am
Is there any place where I can get the Hebrew original of this material?

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