Jewish Israel Opens the Mt. Zion Vatican Vaults

Unlike the Vatican, we at JewishIsrael have no secrets. Deep inside cyberspace are hidden treasures which we happily expose.

Back in 2005 the Committee to Save Mt. Zion was formed in order to thwart attempts by the Vatican to gain control of parts of Mt. Zion. Efforts included the development of a website by member of the committee, Shelomo Alfassa..

Today’s headlines are, once again, reporting that Israel’s control of Mt. Zion is in danger : Arutz 7
Israel considers giving holy sites to Vatican : Christianity Today
Peres wants to hand over Christian sites in Israel to Vatican: Haaretz
Christian holy sites in Israel 'could be controlled by the Vatican': The Telegraph
'Peres wants to yield sites to Vatican': the Jerusalem Post

Due to the urgency of the situation, the Committee to Save Mt. Zion is providing the below archives to the public via JewishIsrael (we trust that you’ll credit Shelomo and the Committee to Save Mt. Zion if you make use of the below links and information.)

The Committee to Save Mt. Zion archives
News archives
Timeline of activism
Documents Relating to the Mt. Zion Situation
Hebrew and English media reports
Press Releases
Letters of concern over Mt. Zion property issues and the Israeli government’s disgraceful promotion of the Pope and Christianity can be addressed to the Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon via
The Director-General of the Foreign Ministry at
the fax number is 02-5303704 (from abroad, replace leading 0 with 972)
The Minister of Tourism, Stas Smiseznikov at

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