JewishIsrael Alerts the Jewish Media and Community to Israel’s Missionary Crisis

At the end of 2014, JewishIsrael made a strategic decision to take a more pro-active and visible stance in order to get the word out about Israel’s missionary crisis.


In keeping with that commitment, JewishIsrael has spent the last several months increasing our exposure in Jewish media outlets and in social media.


Last week JewishIsrael’s Administrative Director, Avraham Leibler, was interviewed by Ira Michaelson and Rod Bryant on Israel National Radio’s program, “A Light to the Nations.  The topic discussed:


Who is really the Ger and the Nochri, and what is their relation?


This morning (February 23) the JewishPress Online is featuring JewishIsrael’s shoutout article citing columnists Diane Weber Bederman and Donny Fuchs:


Proud Jewish Writers Confront Christian Missionary Challenge


A few weeks ago, Hamodia’s Editor, Joel Rebibo, ran an interview with Avraham Leibler which is

"Worth Losing Sleep Over".


In December 2014, JewishIsrael’s Avraham Leibler and Content and Research Director Ellen Horowitz appeared on Voice of Israel (VOI) Radio's "Jerusalem Diaries" show, with award-winning journalist Judy Lash Balint:

Throwing Light on Christian Support for Israel


Also in December, Shulamit Leiber, JewishIsrael’s Public Relations Director, wrote a strong letter to the editor of the Jerusalem Post in response to an article written by missionary Pastor Robert Stearns of Eagles' Wings.


Last November, Ellen Horowitz visited Houston and was hosted by Shannon Nuszen, JewishIsrael's North American Advisor.  Ellen reported to the Jewish community on the costs evangelical love and support are exacting on Israeli society.


In recent months JewishIsrael has established a more active Facebook presence. JewishIsrael continues to meet privately with Jewish leadership and to issue in-depth online reports in both Hebrew and English. JewishIsrael urges the online public to become aware of the growing crisis and insist upon Jewish leaders to take a firm stand on behalf of Judaism and the integrity of the Jewish people.

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