Jews for Jesus claims 21 Jewish victims in 3 weeks

It seems the jews for jesus coastal plain "behold your god" campaign has ended. See the video. Here's the damage report: an excerpt from their May 29th newletter :

"... we were able to hand out over 33,500 gospel tracts. We spoke to over 3,900 people on the phone and offered them a free copy of the New Testament. We knocked on more than 1,800 doors and talked to 632 people in their homes, offering them a free book about Jesus. We got the contact information of 716 unsaved Jewish people who told us that they want to know more about Jesus. Fourteen Israelis prayed with us to receive the lord during the campaign and seven prayed with us during follow up visits. Twenty-one Jewish people and eight gentiles came to faith in Jesus during this campaign..."

WATCH the head of the cult’s Israeli branch defend his activities as “democracy…freedom of expression, freedom of religion”, and “completely legal” in the State of Israel, And LISTEN as the guest accommodation manager at Kibbutz Amiad – which was hosting Jews for Jesus - said, “We know how to take money, They know how to give money. It’s strictly business...."

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