Joel Bell opens new WBZ missionary center in Sha’ar Binyamin

(For backgound information on Joel and Pamela Bell, please read this earlier report and see relevant links at the end of this post)

At the beginning of this month Jewish Israel reported on missionary building developments in Jerusalem. We, unfortunately, will wrap this month up by informing our readership that missionary Joel Bell has completed construction on a 5000 square ft. facility 15 minutes north of Jerusalem.

The World Biblical Zionist Strategic Centeris designed to enhance the development of the “ Biblical inheritance” which evangelical Christians now claim to share with the Jewish people (and you thought there were no strings attached in this relationship). The immigrant absorption chart on your left is intended for gentile immigration and not Jewish aliyah.

In Joel’s own words: “If you are a Biblical Zionist, the action that you take at this time will define your eternal inheritance. We will continue to work for the restoration of the whole house of Israel until the time when neither Jew nor Gentile in Heaven or on earth will have to ask who the Messiah is.” (check out Christian scripture here, here and here to understand what that’s all about.)

Bell ,who sits on the Board of Governors of World Likud, makes it clear in his latest video that Samaria is his “birthright” - but not only his. He has established a strategic “covenant relationship” with Kenyan evangelical Christians who have opened up offices in Joel’s new facilities and they are “ready to take out everything from Israel…” The video is accompanied by a catchy tune which includes the lyrics, “as we worship in unity jesus the lord, victory comes in his name by his word”.

It’s funny, because in a previous video, Joel states to a room full of World Likud activists and politicians that his endeavor, “…isn’t a Christian thing…. isn’t a religious thing…”

Maybe it’s a kind of theo-economic/ theo-political thing as Joel and Pamela Bell have been working on Africa for quite a while now with the purported cooperation of the Israeli government and certain powers-that-be in the Likud.

Evangelical missionary Don Esposito took the local reigns from Joel back in May, so that Joel could be free to wheel and deal in Africa. Below is an excerpt from Esposito’s May 2009 newsletter

“Our dear friend and guest speaker Sagiv Assulin, who will be a member of the newly
forming Israeli government spoke in Houston about the B’Nai Ephraim program that we will be starting in Israel. Due to time restraints, Joel Bell will not be able to be an active part of the program and I have been chosen by the Israeli leadership to be the head sponsor of the program.

Joel is going to be working on a big project that the Israeli government will be performing with Africa and actually hosted the King of Nigeria a few weeks back. Joel will be an advisor to me and I greatly appreciate his friendship and effort that he has put out to open the doors that Yahweh is using for us to walk through.”

Two weeks ago Esposito wrote to his students and supporters that he had “sealed the deal with the Jewish Agency to be able to bring believers [in Jesus] over to Israel for anywhere from 9 months up to 2 years.” More on this development at the Esav Exposed blog.

Confused? Take the time to view Joel Bell's new video and consider these facts:

a) Joel Bell is a missionary who works out of a large state-of-the-art facility at Sha’ar Binyamin, has a television ministry, and enjoys significant influence with World Likud and Likud MK’s.

b) Don Esposito is a Christian missionary who runs Hayahad Biblical Seminars and the “Return to the Land” Program in conjunction with the Jewish Agency (location: Kibbutz Ginnosaur)

c) Joel and Don are partnering and striving for an end-times revival in Israel.

d) They believe that Israel is a part of their inheritance and birthright and they are actively working towards bringing throngs of Christian evangelical immigrants (from Africa and other nations) to Israel .

e) They are particularly focused on collaborating with the Ephramite cult.

f) They enjoy the support and cooperation of government officials and the Jewish Agency.

g) They are creating a number of strategic theo-political and theo-economic partnerships to accomplish their goals.

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Comment by Jewish Israel on December 28, 2009 at 10:36pm
Wow, Sharbano. There's a lot of substance in your comments.
Professor Richard Landes, who sits on our board, notes in his work,"The millennial Dynamic between Christians and Jews" a pattern of millennial movements, which are strongly philo-Judaic, becoming anti-Semitic after their "outreach" to the Jews fails.
With the inevitable failure, the disappointment often triggers aggression, sometimes against the self, sometimes against others. In many cases, the post-apocalyptic Christians, somewhat like spurned lovers turning on the objects of their affection (the Jews) and returning to their former partners, (the Church), view the Jewish rejection of their millennial overtures as not only a sign of their continuing blindness, but the very cause of the failure. Christ did not return because the Jews continued to refuse..."
Comment by Sharbano on December 28, 2009 at 7:58pm
I Did happen to see that video and some of his comments were rather disgusting. He spoke of the "evangelical Zionists" in such terms as he has the Right to be in Israel. Also when he spoke of the "building freeze" it was almost as if he was throwing it in the face to the Jews who Cannot build. What I gathered from the video was a person who is the epitome of arrogance.

I also read about this Esposito character and his diatribe against Rabbi Akiva and accusing Jews of "worshipping" the Rabbis. His accusations were nothing but scandalous in the extreme. I can't believe that people such as this, with absolutely No concept of Judaism Whatsoever, have the audacity to tell their congregations such garbage. I have been convinced by arguments with many Xtians that this is the basis of anti-semitism among the evangelicals. They may profess a "love" for Israel but it is Only on their terms. Under the surface lies this anti-semitism that soon may arise to the surface with even more difficulties, for especially the Orthodox, but may very well include most of the Jews. I'm somewhat disappointed in some of the Rabbis and those who fear the withdrawal of monetary support, that they cannot see these people for who they are. There have been many across the spectrum of Xtianity that have said they would withdraw any and all support simply because someone spoke out against Jews being converted. This is certainly the goal of the people spoken of here.

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